Sunday, February 14, 2010

Surprise + funny + fun Chinese New Year Eve!!

Sorry for the late update for my Chinese New Year Eve.

Chinese New Year Eve still the same for this year, same food and same people, I love this day the most, because get to gather with my long-time-no-see cousins, however, one thing that different was the birthday celebration for my aunty.

We decided to give some surprise for her since she always complain that we have “no heart” to celebrate her birthday, so we came out this celebration just to surprise her.

Before that, let me show you people some of Nicky boy photo. there are few photos of Nicky boy since the day we bought him (4years), coz he do not like to take photo and he will move whenever I want to capture it. *sign*
His eyes was so weird here but still very cute.I love this the most, coz he looks so happy here. I love you, Nicky!!! You are so adorable.

Okay, now let's talk about the birthday celebration of my aunty.
This is a surprise birthday for my aunt, and it was partially fail because of some misunderstanding. We are going to give her surprise and yet some of my aunty and uncle didn’t get it. Besides that, my aunt knew it by herself coz she heard the conversation between my 1st aunty and 2nd aunty. Hence, mission partially fail, however, she was happy of it.
Sis (Blurlynn) with cute cousin-Jun Jie which I always mentioned.
And now my turn with Jun Jie. Love him so much
Bro and Jun Shen- the funny one. I love him too coz now he love to talk and make fun of us. Besides that, he would ask us to keep quiet, coz he wanted to sing Chinese New Year song and yet he doesn't know how to sing. He is so damn cute and funny.

The birthday celebration start!! Cake from Nadeje- Tiramisu flavor!! Love~
Me, aunty and my sis - Blurlynn
3nd uncle's family and aunty.... The two little kids is their sons. Love them..As you can see, aunty love children so much, yet she doesn't have any. Hence she will treat us like her children and give us a lot of thing. Thank aunty! Love you a lot~!
Mimi, aunty and little cousin who like to take photo. WAHAHAHA...
Who look young here? ( sis asked all her reader, so do I)
One big family and sadly where is 2nd uncle's family?? Where you guys went??
However, I still love this photo coz we didn't have any one big family photo at all...(maybe have but it is when I'm a little girl)
After photo session, is sing along birthday song!! Happy birthday to you......
What aunty do here??? >< Concentrate!! *evil laugh*
The lovely husband and wife ever. They don't look like married for 7 years coz they are so sweet sweet sweet.....

Jun Jie and me (behind laughing)
Why I'm laughing here?
Now plus the cute Jun Shen!! Love his smile...
Yi Yi and her pampered dog- Milky!!
Me and Jun Jie with his ugly face. He is so freaking cute!!!

Bro captured this photo while I'm playing with the kids!! Jun Shen with his blur face and Jun Jie with his grumpy face! Both of them are so cute...Love

PS: Finally I got the time to update this post, coz nowadays I'm so busy for visiting...sorry guys!

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