Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year passed so damn fast =[

Well, I have neglected my blog for about a week (probably), coz I’m too busy for my Chinese New Year Celebration and yes I have many gathering during this Chinese New Year.

For me, Chinese New Year is just like a family and friends gathering, coz this is the time where all of us get together and chit-chat. I love Chinese New Year indeed, as usual new clothes, new decoration and new ang pao!! *laughing*

I’ve a Happy Chinese New Year this year, however, happy days always passed so damn fast. It is end of holiday and starts my busy life again. Today is school reopened; I’m so tired of schooling day…..

I’m so tired now………..
I will update my blog soon…. Stay tuned!!

PS: I’ve captured a lot of photo for CNY, will upload some days….

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