Friday, February 12, 2010

Before Chinese New Year gathering

Today is the day before Chinese New Year Eve, I’m so freaking tired after baking cookies, cleaning, decorating and packing up the rubbish. Every year will be the last minute job, I hate it actually. I need to complete thing earlier and yet thing can’t be done with our expectation. For some decoration, I made 2 more lantern to brighten up my house, but it is kind of fail coz the lantern looks so weird.

So, since now is the rest time, I would like to post my BBQ party now.

On Wednesday, my friend invited us to the before Chinese New Year BBQ gathering, and I accept without any hesitate coz it been a long time we didn’t have BBQ gathering at the beach. The last time was like May 2009, very long time right??

Besides that, this gathering was the most special one, coz they planned something surprise for us, will disclose the answer after this.

Okay, now I should start my post,
Before we went to the beach, we gather at one of my friends’ house as usual, and then headed to the beach. At first, I thought we are going to the place which we usually went, but then they said they had changed the venue, I was so surprise and excited!

The place names PULAU MELAKA, do you guys in Melaka heard this place before?? Do you??
I’m totally blank when I heard it.

Pulau Melaka is located somewhere near Wing’s, but it is further than Wing’s. (It’s hard to explain) the place was kinda dark at night and dirty, so I’m recommending you people to go there, however, the good thing is no police will be there.

The BBQ Party started at 6 something and end around 11pm, we have great fun at there. This is kind of dark coz no light is provided. We need to make light to brighten the place. It’s seemed so scary har. Our food. Crab stick as usual, Crab meat ball ( Kind of weird), Chicken, Hotdog, Purple sweet potatoes, fried Taufu skin and......Wee kee's Prawn!! He said he want to cook it and he did it. It taste quite nice but it is so hard to bite it.
Jennifer, Hwee Sia and me BBQ-ing. It is so fun!!! Love BBQ so much..
I love this photo the most. Everyone was so happy, and yes Andrew has a half face here.
Finally he got a full face here. WAHAHAHA....

Only me, Wee Kee and Samuel look at the camera. What others doing?? They are so funny.... Love the gathering so muchhhhhhh....Again!! I'm the only one who looking at the camera!!
I'm so in love withthe camera. Whenever there is a camera, I would pose it without asking. *laughing* I'm kind of "Syok Sendiri"!!Preparing for the group photo, everyone was so busy doing their own stuff including me.
1st take- Kinda serious yet happy here!! L.O.V.E!
When we took the 2nd take, Edmund asked us to pose and yes this is what we pose!! PEACE!!
Again!! We are so happy with the peace here. (Focus on the 2nd roll, from the right 4, his face looks so funny here)
Wee Kee is BBQ-ing his prawn!!
WOO~~ nice!! I feel so hungry now... =.=
I'm BBQ-ing the disgusting crab meat ball. Did I mention of the sweet potatoes? It is purple in colour and taste so sweet, love it. Jennifer love the most coz she is purple lover!! Am I right, Jennifer?
There is the second reason we have this gathering, which is celebrate the coming birthday for Kai Loon and Ren Jie.
Their birthday is on the 14 of Feb which means they need to celebrate 3 type of festival in a day. It’s so tiring. *laughing*
Happy birthday you both!
Why both of you seem so unhappy one?? Smile please!!
Edmund captured this photo while Hwee Sia was cutting the cake into pieces!!
.....cut into 16 pieces!! It become so disgusting now!! WAHAHA..
Kai Loon was so excited and asked Edmund to take this photo and tag us in, this is so funny la wey!!
Okay, now the secret is going to disclose!!!
Are you people excited of it??
Let's guess!!
They bought this around RM180 and burn it in about 5 min!!
Before start the fire, they have to take a photo first!!
After photo session, it's time for some "bang" sound!!!

It worth it!! RM180 is worth for our happiness!!!

This is the second time I watched fire cracker so near in my entire life!!
One word to describe AWESOME!!! Love~!!

PS: Gonna wake up early tomorrow... *sigh*

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