Monday, February 8, 2010

Wasted my money for nothing!!!

I bought this hair accessory for nothing?
Why I said so??

Simply because…

This has a story behind.

Last Saturday, Jennifer, sis and I went the newly open Jusco which located opposite Tesco. When we reached there, we were like WOW!! This place is just like KL shopping mall; Melaka is so high class now!! The place was super duper high class and their decoration was awesome, love it so much, however, thing happened so suddenly, I broke a hair accessory while shopping at YOUNG COLLECTION!! It cost me RM 5 per clip! It is not that expensive but then I didn’t use this kind of hair accessory at all, it is wasting my money! It is not my fault (maybe not) coz when I’m going to take that stupid hair clip, it fall and the ribbon on top of it broke. The most important is the promoter was there, it really make me speechless and force to buy it without arguing. Ok, fine! I’m kind of clumsy that day, *sigh* I’m forcing myself to buy it you know? I’m so angry and swear that I wouldn’t step in that shop again. (Maybe) hate YOUNG COLLECTION at new and high class Jusco.

When I went back home, I tried the hair clip and surprisingly it match well with my hair. I feel so lucky since it matched with my hair, thus, it is not waste at all. *happy*

PS: I would update the 13th chinese New Year and Japanese Cultural Night when I get all the photo, stay tuned ya!!

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