Friday, May 3, 2013

Mabul Island: Last Day!


After part 1 and part 2 of my Mabul Island trip, now I'm going to continue to write the last day of Mabul Island.
Snacks that we brought over to Mabul Island, but end up gave some of them to Shan Shan and Jacky (The Chinese tourist)

The last day in Mabul Island was quite emotional, because since we and Shan Shan were getting closer to each other, it very hard for us to leave her alone in the lodge while her husband was taking diving test. So, we planned to "visit" the sunrise at Mabul beach the day before. 

We woke up around 4 in the morning, and guess what, Jennifer and Ting were early this time, and no nagging needed anymore. All of us were very punctual, except Jacky. While all of us waiting for him outside their room, we spotted another big turtle in the sea. 

What a lucky day started!

We walked to the Mabul beach, and enjoy the morning breeze! 

We were so unlucky to see the full sunrise due to too cloudy that day. I was so goddamn sad, but the nice scenery stop me from unhappiness.

The three dogs escort us all the way to our lodge! They are very loyalty, I must say.

 It looks similar to Hero! Madly cute.

 The weather was very nice that day, and sadly we didn't get to see any sunrise! T___T

 All the professional photographer were trying to capture the sunrise, but too bad no sunrise that day. A supportive wife was trying her very best to help her husband on setting up the camera stand! Very lovely!

Slightly sunrise of the day! And the dog still helping the lodge owner to chase all those illegal foreigner! Madly cute. And they know which is which, because they wouldn't bark at us, if we walk on the beach.

Sunrise please! 

 After the sun wasn't come out nicely, we camwhore with Shan Shan on the beach!

 The beautiful scenery of Mabul Beach, and water was crystal clear! How nice if I got to swim in it.

 Hero's relatives I guess! Looks similar to him, and I love her so much.

 All the scenery I captured with my camera without editing ok?

Instax from Karen and captured by Jacky!

Nice Instax was placed on top of the leaf Jennifer found.

Nice work, Jennifer!!!!!

Credit to Jacky

We were jumping while three loyalty dogs lying on the beach. Madly cute.

 The houses I captured after the sunrise trip to Mabul Beach! 

Did I mentioned about those dogs escorting us to our lodge? Yes or no? Okay! I'll say it again, those three dogs just won't leave us alone, and they escort us to our lodge. They just very loyal to us, and make sure that we are safe.

How cute is that?

After we went back to our room, we bathed and had our breakfast after that. The breakfast was suck that day, and non of the food suit us. Thus, we were so hungry and wished that we'll get some fresh catch from the fisherman out there in the sea.

This is how lucky we were that day. While Karen (again) went to return the room key, she spot the fisherman, and asked us to come over to look for it. What so lucky is that, the chef was there, and he helped us to choose the seafood (bargain as well).

Jacky and the rest bought Lobster that day, and I took one of the biggest lobster of all. Look! How big is this!

The eggs make me drool a lot, and it cost almost RM200 for 4 lobster! FOUR! This is really very cheap, I must say.

This dish cost only RM50 (plus cooking) for 6 very big Slipper lobster! Can you imagine how cheap is this? It is very fresh!

 Three female crabs for only RM10 plus cooking RM15. Cheap not?

 Look at the eggs!! Omg! It is basically cooked with fry egg and some spices. It taste goddamn good, and it is so fresh. We can't eat this freshly catch in Melaka, so worth it.

 Slipper lobster eggs! Omg!!!! 

 It is so tender and fresh! 

 Full of fresh flesh! 

I miss all of this so much!

We saw this while we were on our way to admin office. This cost only RM10! Omg! How cheap is this!!!! We missed the opportunity, but what we'd bought still very cheap. We can't get so cheap on the land.

 We were heading to Mabul Town, and this is a bad choice I must say.

While we were in the boat relaxing, we spot many other beautiful island. By the way, I slept awhile after a long ride on the sea.

Two hours later, we finally reached Mabul Town (by van), and our first stop was Secret Recipe, and I'd one of their cake (I forgot what I'd already). After that, I walked alone outside the shop, and the only shop I can see was strawberry ... something regarding to strawberry farm.

I was totally in disappointment.

This was similar to almost every town in Malaysia, nothing special. Oh wait!
 Fried bananas with cheese is one of their specialty at Indo Cafe!

 Mango smoothie with sago as well

 The very normal chicken with ginger

Fried dumpling, and this was very delicious. Highly recommended!

Porridge and clap pot chicken rice for dinner!

Nothing more about Mabul Town since I dislike the place, and I'm not suggesting you people to go there because if you are the kind of person who doesn't like normal stuff, don't go Mabul Town. You can't get any special thing in Town! 

I'm seriously disappointed on Mabul Town, but if you are the one who love KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald... or all kind of fast food, Mabul Town suits you!

But I'm not that kind of person, so a big NO from me toward Mabul Town, because I came Mabul Island to relax!

Time to fly to Kota Kinabalu!

Oh well, after some suffering time in Mabul Town, we finally headed to Mabul Airport by Taxi. Throughout the journey to Mabul Airport, the taxi driver told us the story of Sultan Sulu and Sabah. It was a fun journey in the taxi though we waited very long for the spot check.

Overall, Mabul Island is a nice place for relax!!!

PS: Phew! I finally finishing blog about my Sabah Trip with Tomo and friends. And I'm so excited for the Genting Highland trip the week after!! Stay tuned for more update from me.


  1. Look at "We were jumping while three loyalty dogs lying on the beach. Madly cute." picture.

    The dog like "meh" what these ppl trying to do.. seems like acting clowns in front of us