Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Update: Nothing special


Well, today is kinda of normal for me, and the weather still very hot. The only thing I'd done til now was to find a house to rent because I'm going up KL after my holiday.

I'm kinda excited when come to holiday or vacation or what you guys like to call as. That particular week will be a busy one, because after the Genting Highland trip with the guys, Shin and I will continue our journey to Singapore (as all of you already knew).

So, I must done all my preparation for work before I go for vacation.

Today I got a call from the company, and they had prepared the letter of offer and something else, that means I really one step in working life. I'm kinda sad as I need to work, work and work for the rest of my life after one month.


I seriously don't like to work for living, because it's like there is no ending for the rest my life. Anyway, this is how human live. Hehe!

Alright! There is nothing else I should blog about today, stay tuned for more interested post. Hope so..


I'm very weird nowadays, because I felt so-wanted-to-go-home after few hours here. Ever since I came to momi's office for internet connection, I tend to appreciate the time here, but not today and yesterday. I got tired and felt so sleepy after 12pm these 2 days, and I wanted to go home so much! I mean seriously I hate being a youtube and Facebook freak after sometimes.

I'm freaking out right now, and I wanted to go home so much!

One more hour to go back my home-sweet-home, and I counting the time. And I think is the weather make me so tired and sleepy. I hate HOT weather!

Summer is here (as what I read in the calender), Malaysia getting even hotter during this time. Gosh! Really got fed up of the weather, and I just hope to sleep in the cozy bedroom with the air-cond on whole day long. However, I probably won't be coming here tomorrow, and yes, gonna have a nice nap in my bedroom tomorrow onward until next week. Nice and sound sleep!

Momi and I might going up to KL this week as I've got to view the room I wished to rent, and hope this will be the best as I don't need to look for any room anymore. Pray hard!

Alright! End here.

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