Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Update: I'm Back, and Cute Hello Kitty from Japan!


I’m back!

I’ve been travelling since last week, and now I’m home enjoying my last two days before heading to work. As I mentioned, I’d travelled to Genting Highland with the guys and Singapore with Shin.

To be honest, I’m quite homesick few days after going to Singapore, and I don’t know why this happened to me. Maybe I’m quite sad because after came back from Singapore, I’m going to be ready for working life which I hate the most from now on!

Anyway, I’ll be keep updating from today onward, but I need some time to resize all my photos as well as video for our dearest Jennifer. Shin and I had planned to video some awesome scene for Jennifer since she couldn’t join us due to her practical training, so here it goes...

I’m currently trying to edit those videos as soon as possible, because there is still no internet connection in my house, TM damn bullshit! 

Alright! A video that I'd edited since last night, and it is pretty shaky for some reason. 

Editing this video last night, and I felt so sleepy right now in momi's office.

Having my lunch while uploading this is kind of like happy because I can share it after my lunch, and I hope you love this!

Before I end this random blog post, I would like to thank Shinyi ( long-time-no-see blog guest) for giving me such a cute souvenir from Japan
A red shirt Hello Kitty with Sushi I guess! She knew I love pink, but there is no pink, so red will do. Thank you very much, I heart it a lot.

I just came back from Singapore, and guess what, I'm so dark right now after walking without any shading or umbrella. T_____T But worth it, because Singapore is such a nice and clean place. I love it so much. And the MRT and buses are quite convenience for people who travel there.

I came back alone yesterday, because Shin has an interview today, so she will stay there for two weeks. How I wish I can stay longer. However, homesick make me wanna go home yesterday. Weird feeling.

Anyhow, I end here and stay tuned to Genting Highland and Singapore trip blog post.


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