Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Update: Is Happening


Last week was a busy week of mine, and all is happening, from finding room to celebrating mother's day to I'm sick! I was sick on last two days, and I meant it. I was so tired after came back from KL to find my freaking house. Momi and I searched from one house to another, and some of them really freak me out, because they have Chinese amulet all around the house, and postal of Jay Chou on their wall. Besides, I'm freaking hate of dim or dark house, so a big NO to them. 

Lastly, I got back from KL without any room. How sad is that! I asked aunt to view for me another house we haven't view, so she did it yesterday, and I GOT A ROOM, or practically the whole house for only RM300. How cheap is that!

Bought this since my hair cream finished, and it is very cheap. Only RM35 for 1000ml ok?

Jennifer and her sis Agnes introduced it to me, thanks!

 Had this when I was in KL last week! Hakka dish!

 Momi bought 6 packs of milk on Monday, and it is very cheap, only RM4 per pack.

I'd a small gathering with the guys and Jennifer and her sis before I went to KL for my room, Agnes had introduced her new books to me, and I can tell that is a very nice story!
 The first book, the summer i turend pretty

I read this on Monday, and finished it in that particular day as well. I couldn't stop myself not reading it because it is super nice story. Childhood friend!

 Second book, it's not summer without you.

Again, I read the whole day to finish it quickly. I can't wait to read the last book today. It was really nice to have childhood friend I must say!

Last book, we'll always have summer

I'm half way reading this, and I seriously love the story because I used to have childhood friend when I was little. However, my story wasn't like the story of coz, just normal childhood friend who played with me when we were little.

As I said, I used to have childhood friend when I was little with my sis and bro. We used to play together in the evening, especially when come to weekend. We'll play badminton, cycle, etc all day long together. He was our neighbour actually. 

We always said that we wouldn't be apart if he didn't move to other place since his house is richer than us, but our family move instead for some family reason. My bro and sis and I were very sad when we heard that we gonna be apart from him, and tell you what, we actually cried to heart that night. 

We sneaked out of the house just to meet him at his house that night, and momi let us to. I don't really remember when momi said he and I sat together with an umbrella on it when I was 4 or 5 years old, and he was 2 years younger than me. 

We move the next day, and I remembered he followed us until our current house, and my bro and him set the rule that we will meet each other every week, and we did for few months, and end up we didn't meet each other few month later til now.

I saw him last 3 years in McDonald I think with my sis and Jennifer and Ting, but to be honest, my sis and I really shy to meet him again, is a kind of weird if we said Hi or Hello to him again.

That's how end of our childhood friend. 

Anyway, I've friend my own now, and I bet he has as well. But my mom and his mom had meet each other in their dancing place, so they still contact each other except we, children didn't do that anymore.

Alright! End that story, and last Sunday was Momi's day, and we didn't celebrate at all since momi and I were really sick after we came back from KL. Both of us slept at 8pm, and I woke up at 10pm to watch The Holiday at RTM2 until 12.30pm.

But my bro bought a nice cake for momi that night, and she blew it yesterday with us looking at it. 
The cake was nice and soft, but too sweet for me I must say!!

Still it is very delighting to have cake and sushi (from momi's friend) as our supper. HAHAHAHA!! Now, I'm half sick, and still coughing so loud. Is like making a stupid sound effect!

We are having a concert in baba and momi room, because one cough, everyone started! And it won't end until we sleep, just like a band, guitar and piano. Lots of sound system in there. Quite annoying actually, but we still do it everyday from last week. Sigh!

Alright, too long for today! End here, and I'm going Shin's house later for our trip, yes! Hope baba, momi and I got well soon, I mean real soon. 

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