Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Update: Hi!


After 2 days of disappointment, I finally update something in here. Alright, first of all, this is my breakfast few weeks ago from my aunt neighbour. HAHAHA! 

Bread plus eggs plus milk! Healthy meal of the day, thank you very much for her effort.

Now, the real story.

Shin and I met up yesterday in order to discuss our trip to Singapore, and what we do were to meet up with Jennifer and have lunch with her. One of the common conversation between us  is GE13, and I think this is the hottest issue of the year.

 After lunch, both of us went to our favourite place, Restism to have some tea as well as Jennifer's favourite wasabi french fried, sorry Jennifer! Without you!

Anyway, we went for our Singapore trip
 Drinks we ordered! Green tea pudding milk tea and Chocolate milk tea. 

RM 2 slipper I bought after mine has bitten by Hero, the rascal. So happy to see the same one in another RM2 shop! 

PS: Shin asked me to buy one as well. HAHAHA!

We'd recorded a video for our dearest Jennifer, and hope she loves it very much. HAHAHAHA!

Hi Jennifer!!


  1. Bo Jio go Singapore

    1. come...wan join?? never state who are you, how am i going to invite you? swt!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

  2. You going SG with Chia Shin only?

    U finding Chia Shin shoes is so damn f**king lame.. Of course she got wear slipper/shoes.

    And I think u have no strength to click the button of ur camera to stop recording.

    Overall - FAIL!

    1. yes my dear, btw who are you?? Shi ting??