Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Update: Normal life


I finally finished reading the book, and I love the ending, is a sweet ending.

We'll always have summer. I heart it so much!

Anyway, sorry for not updating often because I'm so busy with the travel planning, and I really not good in online purchase. I got really fed up, and Shin was really stressed up the last two days. However, we finally all planned, and ready for it. 

Besides, we are going to Genting with the guys, and I really very excited to deep myself in the water! Can't wait for water theme park right now, because the weather nowadays are really very hot except today. 

Holiday really end soon.

Alright! I'm not feeling well right now, my stomach pain. T____T Y so many thing happened nowadays. Momi bought a new car, and it arrived today. WOW!! Is a purple car anyway, and I think Jennifer will love it so much because she is a purplish. HAHAHAHA!!

Ok, stop writing now. Update soon.

PS: Going temple tonight again, yes!

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