Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm so clean!


Since I've been wasting my time last few days, so I decided to clean up my desk today. What a motivation day! I was having backache, headache and sleepless night yesterday, and I wasn't that feeling well early in morning either due to the pain. However, this couldn't stop me from cleaning up my desk!

Somehow I'm motivated today.

I didn't clean up since the day I finished my last final exam, the desk was madly messy and dusty I must say. Don't believe!? Let's see how!?

My desk before I clean up!!! It was super messy and dusty. All messy stuff are on my table, plastic bag from don't know where, purse, pen and pencil, paper and etc.

The cabinet I usually put all the photocopy text books in. I've lots of text book, and this small place ain't enough for all my text books, so I need to think out something to keep it.

I was really motivated today, and I don't know why. I just have this idea of cleaning up my desk, and you know what, I actually clean up my bag cabinet as well. How can I so motivated today? 

So I collected all my notes on the table, and packed it in those big boxes, so that it is organised! Momi was like Lydia, why don't you throw or sell all your notes? It'll looks more tidy you see! I didn't want to throw all those notes, as it is quite memorable. I've some sort of like collecting those notes for 5 years, and it is a waste to throw it away plus my sweet and bitter memory in all those note.

You may thought that I'm crazy, but those notes remind me of my exam time, how struggle I was, how tired I  was, how happy after getting my result, how I finally graduated and how I was in school with friend. All this memory make me happy whenever I clean my notes.

Tedious cleaning stuff of all is to put back all the text book together. I didn't really like reading text book, as you know text book has tons of words, and mostly I can't even read finish when the exam come, and I'll just pull off those chapter I need, clip, and read it. 

Thus, in the end of the semester, my cleaning job is to put them back in their position. Oh gosh! It hurts me sometimes, what a tedious job! 

Besides, I'll take out the clipper, and arranged all over again, put it nicely in the box. And good bye the old book, and hi to another new one! 

Organisation is crucial! I put all the notes and text book inside boxes. And guess what!? I labelled it in case somebody wanted to borrow my notes or I need it as a reference.

Boxes for notes from foundation to year 4.

I labelled them with a heart! I love how labeling make life easier. I didn't label it until today because I'm too lazy to do it, so since I've graduated,  why not label for making life easier.

I'm so free these days as I mentioned million time a day.

Boxes for photocopy text book and note for year 2 with heart as well! I always wanted to label my stuff like a reality show of Kate plus 8, how Kate Gosselin organised her stuff effectively, how her routine stuff and etc.

Alright! After a couple of hours, I finally swept all the old stuff out of the desk, and a brand new desk of my own!
It is not as messy as what the first picture shown, and all my notes have been place nicely in those boxes, and my text book was finely arranged.

Nonetheless, I lost one of CD which I bought years ago, and I've no idea where it has been. So weird! I still can't get it. *heart break* It has a signature of the artist! How sad! I think when the time comes, it will all out by itself. Little CD, don't hide please! 

I was really happy to see my clean desk again after two months. And all of the notes are nicely place under my desk. I need more space for them!

End of cleaning day.

Random Update:
I finishing reading the Shiver from Maggie Stiefvater, and now I'm continue reading the second book (Linger) of the story. It is nice story and I wanted to share with you all. The story of wolf and human!

Started to read this yesterday, and I can't stop reading already. I can stick to this book for the whole day!
Linger from Maggie Stiefvater 

Highly recommended by me!

When I finish this, I'll continue the third book. Can't wait for the ending. Is it happy ending or sad one? I'm wondering. Anyway, it's time for me hunt for food. I'm madly hungry now!!!!!!!!


PS: In case some of you might wonder why I still unemployed and yet didn't intend to find a job, for you information, I've a job already, and I'll start my working life in June! So don't ever say I'm freaking lazy bump who doesn't want to apply for a job, and complaining about boredness. If you are worried about my job, I've a JOB!


  1. I really need to clean up mine too

    1. yes! you should.. cleaning make u healthy haha!