Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kundasang, Sabah: Desa Daily Farm


I’m here again to continue writing wmy trip to Kundasang, Sabah. After some excitement on the Rafflesia Garden which I’d blog here, we get down to Desa Daily farm to have some fun with the milky cow.

I bet some of you already know how beautiful the place is after watching my video, so here is some additional photo we took while we were there. 

I was almost freezing there (No! This is not a joke, I mean it), but enjoyment still on while I was eating my ice-cream there. 

Well, some of the photo is not in sequence, so you might be confusing, sorry for that coz I'm too lazy to adjust, and home wireless is freaking me out right now, not in a good condition. 

caption from the top of their building.

The building which I meant, and this was their factory to process the milk from the cow milk or milk cow? Whatever it is!

Camwhore with the milk cow, and they praise me for my great skill. HAHAHA!

The cloudy mountain has shown that it was freaking cold outside, and I rather stay inside for a long time.  Couldn't stand the cold air from outside anymore. *shivering*

Jennifer and I had commented on their place, and it was awesome!

The stall which sell some snacks, and we'd bought some mayo plus butter corn, signature milk from the cow and ice-cream to fill up our hungry stomach (We didn't eat our lunch because we are lacking of time)

Their signature fresh milk, and it was freshly process from the farm. I heart it so much, as it doesn't taste so sweet like others.

The milky ice-cream from the stall, and it was really delicious I must say. I was thinking whether to buy it or not coz it is quite expensive for an ice-cream like this, but after Jennifer has convinced me, I decided to spend the money, and no regret I must say! It was really milky and delicious.

After buying some food, we headed to their farm, and as I mentioned, it was really cold out there.

The green grass, and mountain make a beautiful scenery. I’m imagining that I’m vacation in another country.

my ice-cream started to melt when I went out, and it is a big mistake to eat outside I should say, coz the ice-cream melt immediately, and I'm stuck with my cloth and hair. *clumsy look*

then i quickly headed inside the factory to enjoy until it is not so high anymore.

 Take a picture with my ice-cream and beautiful scenery out there.

We were so enjoying with the atmosphere, and nice grass and weather make me wanted to stay there forever. The cow were so happily eating their grass with fresh air, and we were so bliss to have this kind of vacation.

Alright! This is the stone we in love with. We spent almost half a day just to snap a good picture with it, and Karen and Ting were so crazily climb up to the top just for one picture. Nice one Ting, lying on the stone!

 It stated welcome to Desa Daily Farm, and it is kind of like their signboard.

Jennifer helped me to snap this picture of me with the beautiful scenery, and it is hard not to mess up with your hair. The bloody fresh air always messed up my hair while I was about to take a nice picture, but anyway it is quite fine with me actually. Teehee!

Oh! This poor little girl was too cold to stay outside, and her face was freaking red after sometimes. She stay inside the car and stare us while we were discussing something else. And that's was Ting, the poor little girl who freeze outside. MUAHAHA! All of us laughing at her expression, it looks so pity and helpless. 

We headed down around 6 in the evening, and our journey to Kundasang end with happiness. It was a great experience to Kundasang as we are able to enjoy the fresh air up there as well as visiting the Rafflesia flower bloom, it was one in a million chance we are able to see two Rafflesia flower bloom, so I'm quite bliss now.

I was really happy to see the sunset in the middle of our way down to Kota Kinabalu. By the way, after we'd down the hill, we lost our way, and got some hint from the local. What an adventure trip we had that day with happiness! 

I'll pay visit again one day, I promise! And I'll write about Mabul Island next round.


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