Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random update + I'll make you hungry XD


Another random update to make me awake.

I'm so tired, and I realise that I'll be very tired whenever there is nothing better I can do. I don't even think of TV nowadays, because it makes more tired. Sigh..

I tend to fell asleep when I watched TV ( I look like an old lady, I know and don't mention please), so these day I only stay in my room with my laptop and air-conditional in the afternoon. Today was quite a lucky day since rain visited the land of Melaka, I was so busy taking in the clothes momi hang in the morning, and relax with the movie I wanted to watch for so long. Basically the story-line was the history of China. This is the only drama I watch today, quite interesting.

I don't usually take nap in the afternoon, but I tend to do it nowadays since I've nothing better to do. Sigh..

Oh no! Sun arrived again. HOT!

Since I'm aimless, so I'm going to make you people hungry!! Aim to make people hungry is a sins I know, but what to do, is my hobby! MUAHAHA..

Let's start with Kota Kinabalu fabulous street and hawker food.
Dry noodle with minced pork 

The day after we landed Kota Kinabalu safety, we went to this hawker stall to have our breakfast. According to Ting, this is their favourite food. We didn't get to try their specialty as it was too early for the boss to prepare their specialty.

Wantan with soup noodle.

Their soup is different from other stall as they are dark in colour, and the taste was really delicious compare to others. 

 Ice-cream from Desa Daily Farm 

I love their ice-cream so much, and I really miss this now! Hope to fly back there just for this! It nice to have ice-cream in hot day, I guess!

 Chicken chop at Upperstar restaurant.

Nasi Lemak at UpperStar Restaurant

 It doesn't reach my expectation because the taste chili ain't the one I expected. By the way, according to Ting, the one at Damai taste different from this, so if some of you just wanted to try this, go Damai!

Carbonara spaghetti  

Mini croissant at Yoyo cafe, Kota Kinabalu.

This is the best croissant I tasted before, because I think they sugar coated the mini croissant, and it is crispy outside, and goddamn soft inside. Another reason I wish to go back Kota Kinabalu again.

Roti Bakar (bake bread) at Damai hawker stall

They have both bakar (bake) or non-bake bread, and I prefer the bake one because the butter melted, and it taste better than the one non-baked. 

The thickness of non-bake bread! I'm scared. Frankly speaking, I'm not a butter lover, not in my youth as well because I felt uncomfortable in my mouth after I eat it. Thus, melted one is the best for me.

PS: For people who dislike butter may choose the bake one! I suggested.

 BBQ Chicken Wing at Damai

And this is the best chicken wing of my life, because it is still juicy when they had been served. So delicious and tender! My love.

 Burger bakar at Damai

Under expectation, because it is super normal.

 Nasi Lemak at Damai

Very delicious Nasi Lemak, and I felt so happy because last night we'd the worst nasi lemak, then the day after we'd the best nasi lemak in Sabah! Just like we are replacing something good the day.

Pizza bread at Handmade story, Damai point.

Well, I totally forgot about the name of this dish, so I simply name it. It simply just like pizza! So just imagine it by yourself. Teehee~

 Omelette with cheese and bacon at Handmade story cafe, Damai Point

I love this as I'm cheese lover, and I love the fact that the omelette wasn't that hard and the cheese just right inside. This place served lots of nice food, and they have like the greatest environment.

Desa farm milk for breakfast

It was our breakfast for the last day in Kota kinabalu, and I love this milk a lot because it is not so sweet. It is so fresh.

Pork rib soup with dry noodle.

This is the specialty I mentioned at first. I drove all the way to the same place, and get it as out breakfast of our last day. So happy that we've the chance to taste it, and it really goddamn delicious. The pork rib is super tender I must say!

Now move on to Mabul island, fresh catch from the sea!

 Porridge and claypot chicken rice at Sheng ji hawker stall, Mabul town

This old man cooked really good food, and he has the best reputation. Some of their customer had actually helped him to advertise this at weibo (something like Facebook).

Fried dumpling at Sheng Ji hawker stall, Mabul town

 Steam big prawn with rice wine, Mabul Island.

It is so delicious, and tender!

 Crab with fried egg at Mabul Island.

Both of them are super cheap, and it cost around RM84 for this two dishes. They are so fresh, and it really so goddamn cheap. I'll blog about that in next post!

 Mango sago at Indo Cafe, Mabul Town

Refreshing in the hot weather, and the mango is so sour which will make you drool more.

 Fried banana with cheese

WOW! This is the boom. Y here don't have? How creative is this, added cheese on fried banana, and surprisingly it taste super delicious, but calories emmmm...

Chicken soup noodle

I've never try this before, but it satisfied me a lot. Over my expectation .

Chicken soup noodle with fish ball

Frankly speaking, it taste the same with the chicken soup noodle. Nahhhh..

 Fried noodle with egg. 

Bee favourite, but it totally different from Melaka one, because it tasted rather sweet than spicy. Weird but acceptable!

 The best noodle of all (sorry! I totally forgot about the name)

This is the best among the 3 dishes on top. It has a familiar taste, but all of us just can't get what it is until today. So weird! We seriously know what is it, but our mind just can't interpret it. Whatsoever! It is the best!

We'd lots of good food in Sabah, and most of the adventure time, we'd our cookies chip more for our lunch, so end up we were having more food in dinner time. So funny but worth it for adventure right? Teehee~

And thank Karen who snap nice Instax of tomo
I love this photo a lot as Ting put our Instax besides the Eiffel Towel. It sounds like our "Paris" trip end happily HAHAHAHA!

PS: Oh gosh! My room's light suddenly off it all by itself, and I got shocked for a moment.
PSS: I should clear up my table tomorrow.


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