Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kundasang, Sabah: Napalus Rafflesia Garden


I was demotivated to do anything, and that is why I’ve no blog anything here.

And now, I’m motivated to write about my Sabah trip with tomo weeks ago.  Many things have happened throughout this few weeks. First, I’m graduate, and unemployed. Secondly, I’ve failed to plan a trip for myself for 2 months holidays. T___T

Holiday to Sabah was on the 12th day of Chinese New Year, and it was planned on November last year. The trip was quite fun and warm, and we’d met lots of foreigner in the island which I’ll blog later.

Anyway, I’ll be blogging about our trip at Kundasang, Sabah now. We went there one day after we landed at Kota Kinabalu. 

We started our journey around 9 in the morning, and it just rain after Karen (Ting's friend) had drove us half way to the top so she stop at the Kinabalu park for some photo shoot.

The weather was freaky cold, and I didn't even warn to bring sweater. >.<

All of us was dying to stay indoor at this moment, and Ting and Bee were freaked out as they wore shorts all day long.

We didn't get to visit this as the weather just freak us out. Y raining?

Photo shoot still continue until it rain heavily. How sad!! And Jennifer was in bad mood that day.

It was raining cats and dogs outside, and all of us got stuck in this small shop with our hot milo. After some small discussion among us, we decided to give up the Kinabalu park, and continued our journey to Polling Hot Spring.

We reached Polling Hot Spring around 11 in the morning, and the rain still goes on.

The Pusat Pameran (Exhibition center for Rafflesia plant), and where they sell the ticket for Hot Spring. It is connected!

Ticket for 5 persons. Quite cheap indeed!

Our way to hot spring (265m).

The other side of canopy walkway. It was flooding, as a result, we decided not to take the canopy walkway for safety purpose.

After 10 minutes walking, we reached the hot spring.

All of us was so enjoying with the Hot Spring thought only Karen who "dip" herself in the pool. We just dip our leg inside the pool to relax, and it was fun too! The water was quite hot, and it is so relaxing!!

The life cycle of Rafflesia plant. And did I mentioned that we are the luckiest girl on earth?? No?? Alright! WE ARE THE LUCKIEST GIRL ON EARTH!! GOT IT???

The whole polling park map!

It was freaky raining out there, and we...

Spot this? I told ya! We are so lucky, coz it was the first day of TWO Rafflesia flowers bloom!! I mean TWO! TWO! The tour guide told us that we are so lucky because only 20% of us got to see TWO Rafflesia flowers bloom at once!!!! 20% I'm not kidding!!!!!!!!!!

We were super excited, and the tour guide was so good to bring all the way to the top to see the Rafflesia! And you guys are lucky too, i'm showing the photo right now! RIGHT NOW!!!

PS: The ticket for this was RM20, but it worth it, I must say!

THIS WAY please!

Registration is needed, please! My name was the one with arrow! *spot spot*

By the way, it is not easy to see Rafflesia as we need to sit in the Jeep to the top of the jungle. It was so bumpy and all of us was so afraid that we are going to drop inside the river! The jeep needed to pass a river just to go to the opposite! CROSS THE RIVER! I was like wow! We just like someone who is doing some adventure show lah! Wow! Wow! Wow! We cross the river!! Must capture some photo! Record! Record! Everyone was so excited to cross the river using a Jeep HAHAHAHA!! What a good experience, and it is so adventure!

After bumpy, crossing the river, we finally arrived to our destination The Napalus Rafflesia Garden! And we need to register ourselves as the luckiest one, then follow the people to the destination.

The tour guide (with arrow) was explaining to the rest of the tourist (most of them are foreigner), and all of them was so excited in capturing the Rafflesia flowers.

Camwhoring while waiting for my turn to see the Rafflesia!

The 3rd or 2nd stage of Rafflesia.

And they started with small ball until they became soooo freaky big!

After waiting for 10 minutes, it our turn to enjoy the blooming Rafflesia!!

Look at this! Rafflesia flowers are just right in front of us, and we were non-stop capturing their picture just for showing off *just kidding*. Rafflesia is a kind of flower (oh wait, I found a clearer explanation from Wikipedia). Anyway, according to the tour guide, the biggest Rafflesia in Sabah was 93cm, and it can weight until 7kg! WOW right?

This was top one which around 80cm, and it weight around 3kg.

Below was around 75cm, and weight almost the same.

Add up both of them, and they are almost same height with me! OMG!

And Karen was so funny, she asked us to camwhore with the Rafflesia, and posted as our Facebook profile photo for one month, so that it is worth to pay a visit! HAHA!

Well, tour guide also taught us how to differentiate their gender
This was the male Rafflesia

And the one which the center part still there was a female! By the way, we can only recognise their gender when they are dead!

The strong dog in Sabah, as he climb all by himself. See the muscle? HAHAHA!

I'm flying!!!!

A great experience in Napalus Rafflesia Garden, and we were super happy with our luck! Our mood got better, and Jennifer no longer with her moody face. *evil laugh* And all of us headed to Desa Farm which I'll  blog on next post. Stay tuned.

PS: I'll be having barbecue with friends this Saturday, hope everything will go well that day. 
PSS: One of the reasons that make me demotivated was Running Man, and I'm addicted to them right now! MUAHAHAHA!!