Monday, March 25, 2013

3-days @ uncle place


Just got back from my 3-days visiting at uncle place yesterday night, and it was a fun trip as we did birthday celebration for our uncle (planned by my aunt) after we'd dinner at somewhere else. And the planned wasn't goes well actually because the birthday cake holder came out suddenly without notice.

This wasn't my plan to buy cake, and I was helping my aunt to kept it as a secret. I'm pretty well at keeping secret, and I'm the secret agent. LOL.. However, that was the first part of the plan, so after dinner, we, the second part planner planned the whole birthday surprise with who is the one who should hold the birthday cake, who will open the door, what reason should be, what we gonna do after the adult came in, how we need to burst the surprise... this and that. It was really well planned, and we heard cars stop, and all of us including my two little cousins gone the light, turn on the light, rehearsal for Earth Hour.. lots of things happening at once.. And we wait.

We wait and wait, nobody knock the door, I mean no one! We blew off the candle, re-planned the whole thing again and again, and suddenly a phone call from uncle asking where were we, and he was really panic as his two little sons were here with us. HAHAHA! By the way, they were waiting us at the car park for 10 minutes. So funny!

We lighted up the candle again, and hide! Then I opened the door, and they asked

Why so dark here?

Emm... It's Earth Hour, so we need to off the light you see! (White lie always turn out good)

But it isn't a good idea because they (the cake holder and the rest) came out so quickly without my notice, and I yet to finish my line! What you girl doing? 
Then singing Happy Birthday song to my uncle. And guess what, this is what we'd lighted up and blew off for the freaking 10 minutes, all candles melted, so we ended up eating candle (just kidding). His daughter also known as cousin was holding the cake, and she was complaining that it was dam hot to hold it, but I insist since she is the daughter of the birthday uncle. Then I said

Just hold it since you are his daughter!

Since we waited for 10 minutes, so this is what we done before they came in. Failed birthday surprise from us. NAH!!! The little boys were so cooperative, and they love surprise so much. They even told me that it is a secret, and do not tell anyone except me, his mom and dad. MUAHAHA! Both of them so goddam cute!

Everyone was freaking damn happy after the celebration as we got to play our favourite monopoly cards together. Poor little boys only got to see us playing cards! 

The next day, uncle brought us to The curve, and all of us went to the Borders (because I need to spend all my book voucher there) to get hard disk! They were patiently waiting for me to grab a hard disk, and I'd successfully spent my book voucher at there.

How I spent RM250 book voucher?

I bought 4 story books from Popular with Shin that day before she went to London for vacation. I'd finished reading "The Wedding Girl", and I love the story so much that I intend to introduce to some of my friends and family. The next book I started to read was the "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater, and I'm half way to finish it, and I bet it is a nice series book. I bought those 3 book on the left for RM72, and The Wedding Girl for 34.90. 

The book holder I made when I came back from Korea, and I gave them to the Tomo after that. All of them got their own different maple leaf.

I spent another RM150 book voucher for this hard disk, and it cost RM199, so I added some money to purchase it. And so happened that I need to purchase another readable book just to get this hard disk, so I went to the book area to get a story book for little cousin, and insist him to tell the story after reading HAHA! I think I got to listen to the story next week!

The voucher I got from The Borders after spending RM150 book voucher there. I think I got to visit there again and again until I used those discount vouchers from the Borders! Anyway, it good to read book right?

My new white 500 GB hard disk for saving my laptop memory! This had helped to keep my laptop space, and I heart it so much.

After I'd spent my book voucher, we headed to Ikea, and we got stuck in this place for an hour because there is so many things for the little boy to play on. Nevertheless, one of them went to Kidzania with the school, and left the little one who wanted to follow his brother. Thus, we need to let him to forget about his brother, and go on with us. It's tough for everyone of us. 

Sis joined us after the boy came back from Kidzania, and we'd our lunch at somewhere else, and end our trip to the The Curve. Then we followed sis to the bus station, and got back home around 8.30pm. Momi was busy washing the clothes, and I done my bag quickly before headed to my room and get laptop on!

That's basically how I spent 3-days in uncle place, and it was fun that they are coming next week as well as the week after for some family stuff. 

PS: it weird for me to type so much in one post, but I did it anyway. LOL!

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