Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friends + Random update


It's midnight, and I still awake right here. I don't know why I'm here again, but is kind of like wanted to update something before sleep.

What is meant to be friend?

This term suddenly popped up in my mind. Friend is someone who care you, and will understand if something really happened. Am I right? Frankly speaking, I'm not a good friend, because I couldn't help or console my friend when they are in trouble. I'll keep quiet and do nothing, and sometimes don't even ask for more detail.

I don't ask, and it weird to ask more detail when they don't know how to resolve the problem. But in fact, people might love to be console, and I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry! Sincerely!

Is quite insulting when people make fun of your friend like somehow I need to be there whenever best friend is in trouble, if I don't do it on the spot to console them, I'm in trouble. People really can't understand the meaning of friend, I guess. It doesn't matter where you are, best friend always be your side, either physically or mentally.

It worth to have best friend because you can express as many emotional feeling as possible even thought I wouldn't give any comment on that particular statement. HAHA! I think I've problem because I couldn't give comment, if one of them have problem. So pathetic!

What is my problem??

Another statement of friend.

In my opinion, the friendship of guy are quite different from us, because they tend to make fun among them. And every word mean something else. According to some of my guy friends, this will make the gathering meaningful. Is this true? I always wonder whether there is secret session among them such as talking about their feeling, problem and etc. What I always see is that guy usually playing around, not-so-serious type.

Maybe I'm wrong.

We girl always share information among ourselves. And best friend don't always meet up, but we somehow have something in common.

Well, tomo went out twice or thrice a year because Ting was in Sabah, and she is the big sister in our group because she will smooth out everything among us. Jennifer was the one who also a big sister to me, she will deal everything from beginning until the end. Bee was the speaker i think, speak out whatever she dislike which is good for some reason. Shin, the silence stalker, she is the one who listen and absorb everything and kept it as a secret forever and ever. She wouldn't speak much or giving much comment toward some particular issue. And I was the joker or laughter I guess? Am I?

Personally, I think I'm their little sister, because I wouldn't know what has actually happened around us. I mean I'll know it eventually whenever everyone already knew.

Kind of slow I know! Anyway, having best friend around me is the best, because I could at least share something with them thought not-so-often we can meet each other in a year. Worst come to worst, we would give comment on our group, that's how we communicated. HAHA!

Ok! End this crap!

Random update: 

If there is a chance again, I would choose to go to school to have classes (but no exam please). I'm so goddamn boring whenever I stay at home alone. I thought I might be able to travel throughout this two freaking months, but it seems like my dream wouldn't come true anymore. No travel, no happiness, and there is only boredness in the house! I'm freaking out right now!

The weather is getting so hot right now, I need some cold fresh air instead of lying down on the bed, Facebook, reading books.... at least give me some fresh air! So damn hot.

Y u no rain??

I hate this weather a lot, I mean I hope I can live in four-season country where I may enjoy the snow in winter, blooming flower in spring, seaside in summer and maple leaf in autumn. How good is that? Share some experience with me if you are in other country right now!

I always wanted to enjoy the cold weather of other country, but the only cold country I went was Korea, but it doesn't cold enough for me to enjoy.


Should have travel more before step in to the working life.. who can accompany me to other country??

PS: The "Shiver" from Maggi Stiefvater is a great book for reading! Teehee~


Random update for 2 hours:

Guess what I'd been doing for two hours?

I'm seriously reading the story book which I bought one week ago, and had my lunch with the TV. Staying at home with the air-conditional on is ain't good at all. Two hours passed, and yet I still do nothing. I tried to find something interested to blog about, but motivation stop after I watched cartoon movie down stair.

Can I have something interested to do today?

I really need some nap now, and think about something I should do for the rest of the days. Sigh...

PS: I should blog more and more before I'm dying in this kind of weather! HOT!

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