Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good thing happened

Y no mood?

I'm pretty lazy throughout the holiday, and imma was worried on my result which will release tomorrow. Am I going to graduate soon or more semester for me? I'm really worried due to i'm not-so-sure how my result will be?

Remember the day when I've my Accounting theory exam, and it was really tough one. I've not idea what I'm writing that day, as a result I'm so worried on that. There was two subject that day- strategy and accounting theory, and both of them need to be memorize thoroughly without failure. I've bad memory, so this is what I'm worried of.

14 hours until the result is release, and nobody seems to be worry about it except for me. Y always me?

I really lack of confidence when comes to exam result, and i wish i can pass all my subject. Wishing the lucky star still with me to the end.

Continued from last night...

Yes!!!! I'm one of the luckiest girl on earth. I passed all my subject, and I'm pretty lucky to say that I pass my Accounting theory and strategy (both toughest subjects throughout this examination). By the way, I pass with flying colour lol...The moment I log in to my student information center, I stun! Like all those students in the world viewing their own result without knowing. I, myself didn’t even expect what I should get in result slip, clicking on the “achievement” button makes me nervous as if I’m going to puke.  Stomach rolling, sweating like a rain fall, heart beating like an earthquake… everything seems not in their right position.

*click* the achievement page appeared, and my eyes was like half open, looking at the screen for a moment, and the moment of joy appeared. Result slip appeared just right in front of me, and it was unbelievable. I stun!

Refresh the whole thing just to double confirmed, and CONFIRMED! I, Lydia Kang have officially graduated from MMU, and this is a happy moment I need to share out. Much love and support from my family and friends.

I was touched by heart, and this is real.

PS: Just called my friends, and we are going to celebrate for our graduation tonight, I can’t wait to meet them, and plan for another trip for ourselves. Shin is officially graduated as well, congratulate us, please! Teehee.

By the way, I’ll update my Sabah trip with tomo tomorrow or probably next week. It was an enjoyable trip, and I’ve met some new friends there. They are friendly and nice girl and guy. Stay tuned. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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