Thursday, March 28, 2013

First experience to visit the car dealer!

Another day of mine wasted. Shit!

Woke up early in the morning today, and followed momi to check out for the new car in the outlet. It was my very first time visit the outlet, and it was quite surprisingly as it doesn't turned out like what I expected. You know, like all rich guys or girls tend to buy a car, such as sitting in the new car, try to drive it all by yourself, checking the engine, agent praising the car so that it can be sold as soon as possible and etc.

It is totally different. momi and I went to the manager or dealer (whatsoever!) office, and he does most of the job, we hardly talk. He only explained the price of the car and calculate the interest and etc, the rest READ all by yourself (brochure in case you are wondering).

Lesson learned, the result wasn't what I think of sometimes, and I shouldn't expect too much on anything. Anyway, no big deal, but worst part, I don't understand what the brochure all about, it was too technical for me to just look at it. I'm neither car experts nor lover, I don't love car thought sometimes I really need it to hang out with friends and family, but I seriously no sense of car.

What is ABS??

I stun by reading all this, and I gave up totally!

The only thing that I knew was choosing the right colour for the new car. Ha! That's was also freaking me out, coz too many option! I'm fickle minded, so I tend to change my mind frequently. Shit!!

Well, all and all, that's not problem, because I'm not the one who want to buy car, momi does! I'm the one who giving opinion so no big deal.

Anything look nice and pretty mean it is good (in my case). HAHAHAHA!

PS: I spent half of day with momi, and worth it, because I finally got to step out of my house and not my room. Teehee~

Went breakfast with momi and her friend this morning, and after we visited the car dealer, momi and I went to settle our wireless connection. For your information, I might not be able to online for 2 freaking days, but this is not fixed yet. Still in progress.

Internet connection is going off few more days, and I'll be more boring! How life?

I can't wait tomo to gather and hang out together, I miss them as well as I miss outing a lot.

I received a replied from En Ting today, and he seems like enjoying his work, and one thing make me a little bit envious is that at least work can solve boredness. I totally freaked out at home. He asked what I'm planning for my two freaky months holiday, and my answer was "growing mushroom on my hair"!!!

What a bad answer I'd given. Seriously, I planned to have a vacation with Shin and the rest, but since she went vacation with her family in London, the plan ruined. And no vacation for me anymore. How sad!

I miss the Sabah trip with tomo right now, and I'm finishing to blog about that. If I finish blog about that, what should I do next?

No idea!

I should plan more, but where should I plan from?

PS: Hope someone can accompany to somewhere else.... I'm freaked out. Ignore me!!!

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