Monday, December 3, 2012

When in Korea - High 1 Ski Resort + Cable Car + beautiful Autumn scenery

This trip was on September which was 3 months back. I wanted to blog it so much, but due to laziness I postponed. 

We'd visited the High 1 Ski resort, and the weather was chilling up there. It's around 10 Celsius, and the scenery was the best among those we visited in Korea. 

We reached there around 10pm, and i quickly settled down all my belonging and bath on the spot. It's super cold out there, and I was wearing a quite thin jacket, so you know what I mean! 

I woke up early in the morning (around 5am- Malaysia time), and it was really cold that day.
Chilling in the room with a cup of English tea. Honestly the tea is ain't delicious at all. Tasteless I should say.

Morning breeze from High 1 resort. 

Our breakfast of the day:
 English style breakfast, and this is the best for my cousins!

 And bread with jam and butter. I can't eat this due to my allergy, but I insist to have at least one piece of it. HAHHAHAHA!! Can't stop me for eating this at all. Teehee!

Anyway, this is entrant for the restaurant. I'm so full that day.

After the nice meal, we visited their garden straightway. They really have nice scenery in their garden! So nice I stun looking at it. 

Tree and plants all over the place. 

And look the leaf had turned into yellowish!

Capturing some photos with the scenery. It was quite cold outside, and my youngest was shivering at this point. And we'd picked up some pine tree seed for souvenir or collection (as what my cousins always said)

Their old time cooker! So traditional and I like it so much. They make used of this to steam some freaky delicious red bean bun (i'll post this in next post) on earth. I think Korean are quite traditional in the sense that they always support old stuff for cooking. Traditional always the best, I must say.

Camwhore with the beautiful scenery. I love the colour of the leaf. It's so beautiful.

After snapping, playing, picking pine tree seed, the tour guide brought us to the nearest High 1 Ski mountain (I don't really remember the name, but basically it is a place where people ski.)
There were tons of pine tree out there, and it was so beautiful. It will be nicer if it is on winter time. All in white. I wish i can visit there on Winter season.

Cable car is waiting for us. And the tour guide keeps on asking us to be punctual coz it was holiday that day, so it might be pack of people.

With uncle's colleague. Nice girl and guys!

In cable car with my cousin, and he is braver than me. I really scare of height (as I mentioned here before), so I was so damn scare, but this little boy comfort me a lot. So sweet! <3 p="p">

The scenery was really breathtaking. All of the trees are turning into yellow soon. It was the beginning of Autumn, so some of them are still green. T__T

Camwhore with this little boy. He always the best with me.

This was the mountain hub, and the tour guide has warned us that don't stop here and proceed to the other stop.
The higher the best for sightseeing purpose! Beautiful maple leaf is around all the place. So nice until I can't stop myself to take as many photo as possible. 

Until we reached the Mountain top.

We are at the Top of the Top! And spot the Little Oppa Gangnam style?

The one-and-only photo with momi and dad in Korea, coz most of them are group photo or momi and dad couple photo T__T

We were wearing shade all the time coz the sunlight was really strong. And it is weird to see people wearing shade with jacket. HAHAHAHA!!!
Climbing rock to the edge. And little boy looks so tired there.

The scenery of top of the top!!

I seriously love Korea weather and scenery!!! I love everything in Korea except one thing, chili!

There are many cute statues for us to play with.
Little Oppa Gangnam style and red riding hood were playing with statue happily. And look at the Oppa Gangnam style, he is way to serious on it. HAHAHA! 

I basically think that he has the talent to be an actor in future!! Do it! Do it! 
Someone is kissing me *shy*

I was asking my uncle to snap this photo for me, and he was like hey! You're too craving for a guy to kiss you lah!!! HAHAHA.... But i don't care him, and insist to capture this for me. Madly cute right?

Last picture of this entry


I'M FLYING!!!!!!!

All of us were crazy jumping that day, and more people joining us after that.  HAHAHA! *proud*

Anyway, that's it! I'm missing Korea already!

PS: Missing my little Gangnam style and Red Riding Hood right now.


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