Saturday, December 8, 2012

When in Korea: Kimchi DIY & Hanbok dressing + pick apple in the farm!

I'm in bad mood today, but I insist to blog about Korea again

Continued from previous post, we went to Kimchi DIY school  after that, and it was really fun to "play" with the Kimchi. I've never try to DIY anything before, so I'm kind of excited to do this until...

I saw plates of Kimchi with the chili paste on the table, I'm disappointed. Because I thought they are going to let us try to DIY the chili paste instead of rubbing chili paste with the Chinese white cabbage. Anyway, this is still a fun Kimchi DIY!

Camwhore before the class started.

The teacher started the class with the history and process of Kimchi, and tour guide is the translator.
This is our going-to-do DIY Kimchi with chili paste. Basically we just rub the chili paste to the Chinese white cabbage. The teacher taught us to rub the chili paste on the Chinese white cabbage leaf one-by-one.

 And the end product should look like this before getting in the pot, a special ceramic pot for Kimchi.

Enjoying my DIY with all of them happily. Cousins were so happy rubbing their Kimchi, and the little one was playing rather than rubbing. Madly cute.

They served us the Ginseng milk which is quite surprisingly delicious.

And few Kimchi dishes. 
There are few types of Kimchi, but the center dish tastes really salty! I'm not appreciate on that, perhaps it is good with rice or some other dishes. I don't know. Kimchi pancake and fried pork kimchi taste the best!

We done this, then proceed to Hanbok dressing, and this is what I always wanted to do for life.
 I'm in Hanbok!

In full version! Everyone of them still choosing their outfit, and I'm done with princess look.

Momi and dad were in their Hanbok as well. Momi is in wedding Hanbok, and dad was in master guard Hanbok. (?)

Whole family with Hanbok. Sister Lynn said uncle looks like the King, and the rest of us was his wife, and dad was the security guard HAHAHA! I'm princess ok?

I personally snap lots of myself in Hanbok princess (I insists that named!), but the photo become so blur until I've no mood to choose anymore.
Bought these two flavor of ice-cream in Kimchi school. One is Melon and another is BANANA! Weird right? People mostly wouldn't have banana as a kind of flavor for ice-cream, but Korean does, and trust me, it doesn't taste like bananas anymore. It is delicious.

Our next station after this was to stop by an apple farm, and PICK apples!
 The farm is full of apples, and they look so delicious and juicy!

I pick one BIG apple just to nom or eat (whatever!). See those apples on the tree??

I insist them to pretend eating-an-apple, and this little red ridding hood eat it on the spot. So funny! He loves apple very much, and this is the good chance to have a bite on it. HAHAHA! But I love the Gangnam Style cousin the most. So cute.

I'm happy to get such a big apple, and take note on my finger nail please. I painted it yellow to Korea, everything in yellow that day!

Proudly showing our apples in the farm! I asked them to show actually, coz they are always shy to make it public except for uncle and cousins.

Well, this is probably the last activities on second day, and we proceed to High 1 resort which I've blog about it here.


  1. I wasn't familiar with the garments of Korean princesses. Looks nice

    1. Emmm... I'm not familiar with that too.. just something near to korean princess.

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