Monday, December 10, 2012

Life as a painter

No! I'm neither a painter nor an artist. 

I'm just helping my brother in leading his art center student to go into the nature!
This was a great experienced since paint from life activity was quite far away from me since I quit art lesson in year 6. I forced to quit due to heavy homework from school. 
Anyway, this is the Taman Botanika, Melaka forest! And we are going to do the activity right here in the wood!!

Was raining in the morning, so it was quite muddy and slippery. Momi nearly fell down after stepping a stone. Quite dangerous! 

Bro'd assigned a job to me, guess what? Yes! Is become a camerawoman all day long. I was quite happy to capture all the students and parent, and this is definitely my favourite job ever!

Every student is queuing, and some of them were actually grumbling due to tiredness.

After some arrangement, we are ready to go in to the wood, and start the activity!!!!
On our way to the wood! Spot the little girl with white shirt, that's my favourite student because she is so cute! I heart her so much.

Students were taking all the material themselves and heading to the wood, and they look so tired.

 We are requested to walk into the wood, and it was a long way........

And kids nowadays are quite demanding. They are complaining on the journey to the drawing place. Some of them even cry while walking to the place.

PS: Just like my cousin which i mentioned here.

After we walk, stop, and walk again, we finally reach the place where the students need to draw! Bro had divided them into several group, and placed them in different places as well.
Group B and C started the class, and this is their beautiful teacher. 

Group D as well

I was walking around from group A to D, and finally I stopped here and draw my long-time-no-see picture!

Group A was the cutest group ever, and basically they are students from age 3 to 4. They were accompanied by their parent for safeness. By the way, this is a good parent-child activity. 

I love this boy too, coz he is so cute when come to showing his "monster" hand. He also show me the ants around the hut. So cute.

Bro have Malay student as well! They are so cute, and quite talented in drawing. This girl is from Group B, I think.

Group D students are from age 7 to 12, and some of them really talented in drawing.

Group B and C student around the place. Some of them brought the whole table as well, and quite shocking actually.

Student age 4 and 5 were drawing their wood picture. So cute!

Their draw and paint themselves!!!!

The 11 years old talented girl in Group D.

After looking at her, I decided to have my paint from life activity as well. I walked to Group A, and get some pencil and paper from there. 

And start my drawing straightaway! This is my draft, and it is kind of ugly. I'm not talented!!

Drawing from Group B and C, and some of them really quite nice.

Age 4 and 5 drawing.

Many parents were quite satisfied on the drawing, and some of them even snap photo on them. So cute.

My drawing outcome of the day. I spent around one hour to complete this, and after that I straight packed up and snap some of their outcome too! It was quite a memorable experience with the kids!

I should planned to go there again someday! So meaningful, and it reminds me of Jennifer, Ting, Bee and some friends picnic on the beach, and end up in the wood at Taman Botanika (2 or 3 years back), so fun!!

If you interested in sending your kids to bro art center, this is the detail!!!
E&E Kids Art
Address: No.6, Jalan MP 2, Taman Merdeka Permai, Melaka, Malaysia.
Telephone: 014-630 8823

For more detail, please visit their Facebook  

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