Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When in Korea: Dream come true in Everland Resort!!

On the second day of Korea trip, we went to the Everland Resort which is known as the Korea version of Disneyland. I've never been to Disneyland, so this is kind of like dream come true. The day was a public holiday for Korea, many people were there to enjoy. 

The entrance of the Everland, and it looks like a castle which attracted me the most. I'm super happy until I forgot what tour guide had told us. 

The magical tree in the Everland. 

A-must-bring items list included
Entrance ticket - Everyday is a holiday !

Coupon for food 

This is the must : Everland resort guide!

There is a map which is useful for us to find our way! Just like Singapore Zoo!
 Group photo before we enter to this magic land!

Halloween theme all over the place, and it is so cute. Every pumpkin has their own expression, madly cute.

 The bigger group photo of the day!

The magic tree is placed right after entrance! And everyone so happily snapping all the photo including me.

Camwhore with aunty and cousins as background. Teehee!

Pororo 3D Adventure. They are invited us with their waving hand! Why Korean girls always look so pretty? I wish I've such a nice complexion.

 Direction to Zootopia for SAFARI!

We saw lovely bird on the way to Zootopia. They are the lover bird if not mistaken!

Before headed to the Safari, we went the Halloween Parade! It was really fun and excited.
The description from Korean guy and girl, and I was quite disappointed at first because I don't really understand what they actually telling, and they never translate for us also. The only thing i remembered was the spell they taught us "holly...holly...pororo... pang pang!!!" =.=lll

The real parade appear after few minutes of description, and my mood turned from bad to best!

 Everyone is happily celebrating Halloween party, dancing and singing around in the parade! Madly cute right? I love the sweet pink bear right there. It was really cute, and most of the dancer was beautiful and handsome ang mo *blush*.

 Suddenly some bad guy gonna appear

The evil devil is here! Everyone is so scare of him. I'm scared too!

After sometimes, he turned into a nice and handsome guy!1 Everyone live happily after (this is what fairly tale always end with) HAHAHA!

Camwhore in the parade, and some of them have balloon! We went late, so no balloon for me. 
The purpose of the balloon is to start the parade by saying the spell "holly holly pororo pang pang*, and when the word "pang pang" mentioned, everyone need to burst the balloon as soon as possible! It is really fun!

End of the parade, and every child get some puffy ball after that! I got some too.

We rushed to the Safari after that, and I felt so bad coz everyone is waiting for us. 
The purpose of going this safari is to see the Mr Liger (Lion+ tiger)
Mr Liger is entertaining us with a look! He was sleeping that time, but he is awake after our tour guide ask him to wake up for MONEY! 

Besides the liger, bear is the main purpose as well!
The walking bear. 

 The praying bear. He can pray whenever the driver asked so. So cute! He was sleeping as well.

The sleepy head Korea black bear.

The infamous dancing bear. He can turn around and dance for us. Madly cute. 

And these bears are huge!!! They are almost same height with our safari tour bus. I was shock when they are so near to me.

 The white tiger were lazying on the rock!

This is what I meant NEAR! We can touch them if there is no mirror at all. Scary right?

the lion king of the safari (as what tour guide said), and almost 11 years old .

We were so hungry after the safari tour so we headed to their restaurant!
This is the Restaurant. Look very unique right?

We exchanged food with the coupon which the tour guide gave us. And this is what we have. Black pepper fried chicken rice and wu dong mee with side dishes.

All of them are yummilicious especially their fermented radish (yellow in colour)
 While heading to the bird flying event, this is what the lazy creature doing. Sleeping!

 We saw many kangaroo too! I never see a Kangaroo before, madly cute. And they are super rude coz...
They are making love in front of us. =.=lll

Awwww..... You are so adorable, and I love you!

The cute squirrel in the unique case!

The poo-ing white tiger. Why Korea animal so rude one? HAHAHAHA! In fact we are the one who are disturbing him for doing some big business! Sorry whitey!

 The beautiful parrot on the tree or branches!

 Korea tiger!

While waiting for the flying bird show to start!

 When the instructor waving hand to them, all of them fly from their house to the floor! And they can break immediately after reaching the ending path! So talented!

The beautiful instructor and the parrots!

The white peacock!

We went to the flower garden after that. It was full of beautiful flower, and some butterfly growing process. Very knowledgeable!

Camwhore again in the flower garden! My lips is getting dry here T___T

We quickly end this and headed to the sea lion show.

 Sea lion always very talented, they can learned many things quickly. And one of the sea lion can pick and choose some more. Jump, swim, pick and choose! All can be done by them.

While walking back to the entrance.
 Saw this polar bear! And momi claimed that Japan's polar bears have cleaner fur than this. Teehee!

Group photo in this pumpkin, and all of them look so tired because of the sunlight!!

We didn't enter to this pororo show but we snap with it. HAHAHA! Little cousins really so damn love pororo, they can talk about it non stop.
While walking to the entrance, little cousin was so cute, he keeps on saying he has no energy to walk anymore, and asked his dad to carry him all the time.

But when he saw this elevator, he relief and say luckily there is a elevator for us to ride, if not I've no energy anymore. Everyone of us were laughing non-stop at him, and claimed that he is a lazy bump!

Spot his satisfied face? Happy now?

We went back after 3 hours! I didn't got to ride the roller coaster and sky ride! So sad, but anyway this is a good experienced in my dreamland.

I should conquer Disneyland next time!

Alright! End this here, and continued in other post for more Korea trip!