Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm having fun at Broga Hill

As I mentioned in my previous post that I went to Broga Hill with friends on last Sunday, so I'm going write a    super long blog post regarding to this SUPER FUN OUTING WITH THEM. 

This has been well-planned by Wang, Viki and Jennifer, and I was quite surprise that it ends up 9 persons are joining this event. By the way, momi was not quite agreed to let me join this event at first, coz she listened  too many invisible man case in the jungle. So, she was like why are you going this kind of place? It is so dangerous, and there is "something" (invisible man = ghost) inside the jungle...bla bla bla...

Then I was like 50% going and not going at this moment, and Viki was quite excited to join this event, so I don't feel like disappointing her also. Dilemma! At the end, I show photo (from other bloggers) to momi in order to let her agreed on this! Surprisingly, she agreed!!!!!!!! How lucky am I coz she wouldn't agreed on anything regarding to hiking or jungle. HAHAHA! Anyway, that is how I end up at the hill with them! TEEHEE!

The day before we went there, I prepared all the belongings before enjoy my day with sis. Jennifer was like you are so excited eh? YES! I'm excited.

I went to Viki's house around 11pm so that momi don't need to send me to her house in the middle of night because  momi quite scare to drive alone in the night. I slept at her house like half an hour then Jennifer arrived! Both of us were talking to each other until we felt so tired, and sleep then. However, there is no time for us to sleep because those brothers came to her house like 30 min after we slept!! Gosh!!! I need my sleep time back, please. HAHAHA! So, we ended up sleeping for 30 min (quite good already coz Edmund  only slept for 20 min, pity him) 

We headed to Broga after we had our supper at mamak stall, it like around 2.30am, I guess! Not really sure about the time, coz I'm excited!!! According to one of the bloggers, friends that willing to wake up in this hour in order to go Broga Hill with you are true friend! That's mean all of them are true friend. LOL!
 In the middle of no where! Trying my camera in the car with Jennifer!

 Camwhore in the car with Jennifer. We are so excited in the car!

Then Edmund said why not we camwhore in 110km/h speed car! HAHAHA! No! That's was not too fast coz we are at the highway!!!!!

We were searching for the new AES for the entire journey coz Edmund has an apps which may detect the location of it. So fun! We even sing song in the car!!!! Playing song in the car and called the other car to make them feel envious on us! We played "Feel Again by One Republic" 

We reached Broga around 4.30am including finding the right way! *evil laugh*
 Camwhore with Jennifer, and look how pro I am!

 Rain coat + bag with supplies + stick!!

 Broga Hill 1.7km to go.

 Everyone was so excited showing their spirit as a hiker! Pro man!!!!

It was so freaking dark up there, and my torchlight ain't working that much as it was not bright enough. Shouldn't brought this kind of torchlight to the hill. And if you'd realized that I took out my rain coat because I was so damn hot with it. See the sweat?

WK is my helper of the day, coz he was the one who hold me up and down to the hill. I'm afraid of height since I'm young (perhaps when I was in primary) due to the caber car in Genting Highland stopped in the middle of way to Genting. From there I started to scare of height!

Everyone is trying their best to have a best shot in the first steep of Broga hill. See Jennifer and WK were lucky to find a great place to stand.

 Oh no! This is the second steep already. I've no idea where the first steep goes.

 The third steep of Broga Hill, and we show ONE as a symbol of the highest steep of all. Spot the words? 400m height! I successfully climb to 400m hill with the help of Edmund and WK! *happy*

 It was the scenery from 5am to 6am. Blame my camera for having such a blury photo, but trust me the scenery there was freaky dam beautiful, wonderful, awesome..... (too many words can describe)

However, the third steep gave us a blury scenery, so we went back to the second stop and enjoy the beautiful sun rise
 We at 2 1/2 steep, showing the 2 1/2 to prove it! Still dark out there, it's around 6am, I think.

I think is 6.30am already! And my always-must-do job! Stepping in Broga Hill at 6.15am!

 Sun getting up soon.. But still feel cozy up there as there is drizzling in the morning that day.

Run rise at 6.45am, and all of us was so excited taking photo with each other! I love you, SUN!

I was so busy capturing all the scenery, so end up less photo of me! HAHAHAHA...

 With flash! Blame my camera again.

 Sun almost up


Everyone was enjoying the sun rise, and that was the steep! So beautiful right? We saw the city of Broga too, it looks so tinny up here.

Is up there!?? It was not the full sun yet, coz the weather was not quite good that day, but thank God we still can enjoy a little bit of it.

 With Viki, look at our clothes, we are so dirty and sweaty at the same time.

The gang without Vivian and her mom. Too bad coz her mom was too tired to climb up in the middle of first steep! So sad. She can't enjoy the beautiful scenery with us.

 The gang

and the girls.

I know I posted lots of similar photo, but what to do, it is a waste not to show you guys the beauty of Broga Hill. Teehee.

My tired face and swollen mouth (blame my allergic) with the beautiful sun rise! Just ignore me, and focus on the sun rise, promise?

Captured the last group photo before heading down to the first steep (to find Vivian and her mom). FIY, Vivian is Viki's sister, in other words, her mom is Viki's mom (Just to confuse you guys by explaining this! LOL)

Heading down to the first half steep to meet up with Vivian and her mom.
And again, WK and Edmund have help me a lot in this journey. I'm survived because of their help.

Scenery from first half steep, I think the view here nicer than the upper hill.

 Clearer view of the city of Broga!

Our breakfast of the day, thank Viki for preparing this for us. She cooked it before going to bed. *touched*

The sweet couple were talking to each other while all of us eating our breakfast. So sweet and the view was so beautiful. LOL

The one-and-only group photo of the day. Because the person who helps us to snap this felt dizzy after this. Her face turns pale, and she was almost puke out. All of us was helping her, and gave her some supplies  to make her puke!

She was all right after that.

 City of Broga. Awesome view from top, and how tinny the house look like.

The weather was quite nice that day.

Look at the hill!! I think I'll cry without their help.

I finally end my Broga trip with a smiley face.

 Camwhore after our hiking day. It was exhausted, but happy at the same time. I felt so proud of myself to complete this task. A difficult task indeed.

 Dirty pants and shoes, with a happy soul

 We camwhore again to show the after-look of us in car. You can see on our smiley face.

All of us changes our clothes at one of the petrol station, and headed to the Temple in Broga Village.
 110 km/h

 One of the cute house in Broga.

We can see beautiful view even in the temple. How nice if I'm the village members (is it known as village members?). I can view it everyday, night....

Few stalls outside the temple. Viki's mom bought some goods at there if I'm not mistaken. I feel like I'm at Cameron Highland except for the weather.

 The temple!

Everyone heading to the entrance, and Jennifer was the first one the reach the top! I'm late because I need to help them snap photo ok? Just kidding!

Decoration in the temple were awesome!

This is the one I always ask for photo when i was young.

Then all of us when the bridge, and it was freaking so high and shaky!

This remind me of the shaky bridge at Taman Botanika, Melaka coz I cried when I was "bully" by Ting, Jennifer, Bee, Lee Chin, En Ting... and many more when crossing the bridge at ther. It was really memorable until I scared of this again!

 Two monkeys of the day.

Photoboomed by Edmund.

All of us at the shaky bridge proudly! HAHAHAHA.
 Pose with the animals. Viki claimed that KL (the one in white shirt) was too hungry until he felt sick.

 Two little kitties playing around in the temple. Madly cute. And I think they are fighting! or playing?

Edmund (black shirt) claimed that this is the "BEST" background of the day. And WK(orange shirt) was agreed on that too. LOL.

Everyone was so hungry, so Viki's mom suggested a hawker stall, and I've the Cantonese fried kweok teok
 It was tasteless at first, so Jennifer suggested to add something on.

She added this chili fried thingy on my plate, and it was freaking spicy at first. Then it was okay for me after I mixed up with the kweok teok.

PS: Thank Viki's mom for the food.

It was an exhausted yet memorable hiking trip, and we should aim for the next target which is scuba diving. Well, everyone was having muscle pain after that, and I was just like an old lady. I can't even walk properly in the school, and Shin laughed at me. She is so bad!

PS: Shin supposed to go with us, but she end up staying at home. NOT FAIR! Should ask her to join us next time. TEEHEE.

Alright, end here, if not this will be even longer.

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