Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas celebration @ Wazen and Library, Melaka

 Merry Christmas to everyone.

Have you celebrate your Christmas to the fullest?
I do!
Went Wazen with bunch of University friends, and this Christmas tree took my attention. It is so beautiful and fully decorated. So nice. Ain't like mine, few decoration on it. 

 I love their Japanese style light decoration, it's so beautiful.

Green tea of the day. I prefer Hot green tea!!

 Karto Don.
 The name might be wrongly spelled, but this taste not as bad as I thought always. However, I couldn't finish it due to too much food ordered! Sorry farmer from somewhere else who planted this.

PS: I don't always waste food, but this is the second time (first was with tomo @ Penang) Sorry *sincerely*

Sakae Sushi. This is not in the menu, and one of my friend, Yong specially ordered. I never eat this before, and it is so yummy. The semi-raw salmon fish top with cooked tobiko (wikipedia) served the BEST Sakae Sushi special!

I don't know the name of this. I always have poor Japanese language skill, so I don't remember all the name of dishes except for Tamago Sushi due to it popularity! HAHA!

 The sweetest couple in our class, Siang Ming and Yong. They are the one who helped us to ordered the Best Sakae Sushi.

Another sweet couple. Shinyi and her boyfriend. Shinyi is my blog long-time-no-see guest, and for those who follow my blog from beginning  we used to do business project together while we were in foundation. And the best part is always hanging around in my house with our lovely Yunchee (another long-time-no-see guest of my blog)

PS: I hope both of them see this!!
We are the girls group.

Overall the food was quite delicious, but I was way too full. >.<

 Jennifer photoboomed, but I like this photo very much!

We were outside Wing's cafe discussing the next plan, and this remind me of how we have celebrate our Christmass 2 or 3 years back in Xuan's Cafe.  (Video from 2009)


I love all of their spray decoration, and it was so beautiful!!!!!

 Went Library after some discussion, and I'm not a clubbing or drinking partner, so I kind of dislike this place. So noisy and smoke all over the place. >.<

 My "Very Safe Sex on the beach". It's Virgin!!! Non-alcohol drink for me always the best.

 Jennifer and my non-alcohol drink of day, Very Safe Sex on the beach and Citron Crush (very cute name)

Beer Tower for the "adult"

 Cheers for a good Christmas and New Year 2013!!

 All of our drink, and spot we are the only one who drank non-alcohol drink!

Normal group photo @ Library with cameraman Yong!

Salamon (Me) and Mona Lisa (Jennifer)

 Changed! Mona Lisa (me), and Salamon (Caryn)

Take note on Jennifer! She is so damn funny in her pose! and I almost laugh at this while capturing. HAHA.
While waiting for payment, I suddenly spot this on my phone wallpaper!
It's snowing!

It automatically changed for me this wallpaper!

PS: It was a delightful day, and I'm going Christmas party later!!!! An Evening party


  1. I recommended u nice drinks leh!Thank me thank me!*proud* :P

    1. Yup!! Super nice.. lucky i tried the one you recommended. hahaha! thank ya.. but don't be proud,this is just normal case my dear.

  2. Replies
    1. of coz!! I'm efficient blogger ever! MUAHAHAHA!! I must buy TOTO today!