Saturday, December 1, 2012

Steamboat make perfect in raining day

That's right! 

It was raining that day, and sis planned to have steamboat together with her friend. We decided to go the newly open We Love Hot Pot to have some try, perhaps I'm the only one who haven't try on it. 

Anyway, sis's friend, Chin (or Cf) went there before them, coz sis needed to fetch momi to wedding dinner that day. Too many wedding dinner to attend these days. The first move I went is for my all-time-favourite fake fishy things.
 The white one! That's my all-time-favourite, but I don't think I'll take it again next time, coz no one is appreciating my favourite, and they claimed that I should eat finish all that. I took 4 of them in order to share with them, but they don't appreciate. =(

The spicy chill stingray. It was lovely, but spicy at the same time. Chin and I were sweating after eating this. This is the first dish we ordered before sis and Lewis joined us.

yes! The tom yam and chicken soup with some foods!

Sushi which sis took quite a lot. We may try salmon sushi for RM19.90 in steamboat buffet. It was really so damn cheap!

Fried Chinese ham i guess!
My love! Fried Taiwan sausages! End up nobody is eating that coz TOO MUCH OF IT! Serious. Lewis took it as if it was free.

Fried chicken!!

We asked the person there to fried for us, and they cooked the stingray too! All included for RM19.90 cheap right?

Camwhore with sis holding the peppermint chocolate rice chip on it. So yum!
 I always love ice-cream, and this is so yum! Everyone is rushing for this!!!!

The one-and-only group photo for the day, and spot the two guys? They both still non-stop eating even though I asked them to camwhore. =.=

They don't even bother after I finished camwhore, and they continued their foods without bothering my sis and I. This is the differences between girls and guys!!

PS: This is nice place for food, you may try it!