Monday, November 26, 2012

Another sleepy day in class

I was working as a promoter in Aeon yesterday, and this is the happiest job I ever had as a promoter, perhaps there is more comfortable in the cold shopping mall than promoting something else under the hot sun. Some of my friend worked there too, and I get many ice-cream sample from them. From Wall selection to Nestle to Baskin Robin for free. I preferred Baskin Robin and Nestle the most because it is so delicious, the creaminess makes me felt in heaven! *blissful* I'm exaggerate, and I'm know it!!!

So, today was a sleepy day for me (I almost sleeping in the class) as Jennifer, Ting and I were booking for our air ticket to Sabah in the midnight, and 3 of us was like so nervous and pray hard to get the tickets. Ans WE GOT IT! I'm telling the world that We are heading to Sabah next year!!! It was so happy that we finally heading to Sabah (planned around 2 years!), but sadly Shin can't join us as she is going to London next year T__T

PS: We are going to Tawau and Kota Kinabalu. 

Joke of the day:

Jennifer was so moody today coz while she was paying for the air ticket, she realised that one of her bank transaction was quite fictitious and she lost RM380 just like that. She was nervous and she quickly went to the bank after our first lecture class today. I was like stun! How could this happened! 

Another bad news is that our mid-term exam will fall on my birthday!!! I was numb this times as I didn't get to enjoy my birthday for 3 years. I need to exam every year on my birthday, and I hate it the most. However, this is just a small case for all of them, because Jennifer just bought an air ticket to Penang on the same date (17 December), and she was like huh? I will be in Penang that time!! OMG!! Today so bad luck! She can't concentrate for the class at all (what a waste for 2 hours lecture class). 

After class she went to the bank and settled! And attended the tutorial after that. 

But the whole situation was just a joke for the day, because Jennifer just told us that she had just book a hotel in Macau for RM380 on that day, that's mean the transaction was right, and no fraud being conduct by someone else except herself. What a funny joke of the day, and she was blur enough to waste the 2 hours lecture class. 

PS: I think she might be thinking something else as she is not paying any attention on the money spent.

And she felt so guilty toward the bank after that. HAHAHA! I can non-stop laughing to this joke of the day. She makes us worried and now TADA! This is just a joke!!!


But honestly I didn't trust online banking, because some of the bank will just send some stupid fraudulence email to me, and I always ignore it. This is because too many fraud case happened in Malaysia, and many of them has been cheated by the mail.

(1) Beware of the online banking email

Do not open any email send by bank, because most of them are fraudulence. If you think it might be important, just contact the bank and acknowledge them regarding to this email. Mostly it is just a hacker trying to hack your username and password, so ignore is the best way!

(2) Check every transaction properly after you pay or bank in

Most people would not bother on the bank in receipt, and they will throw it straightway to the garbage bin. This is a NO NO action as someone else might look at your receipt and try to figure out what is you account number. You people should keep it for the next transaction you make, and please please please (when I type it 3 times, this mean IMPORTANT) check the amount of the transaction being made coz it might be different in the next transaction (the opening balance). What I mean is the left-over-money in the bank might be different from the previous transaction. 

(3) Update your bank account frequently 

This is ensure no money being drawn out without your acknowledgement. Update this frequently is the best way, coz one of my mom friends told us that, her money gone after she went to the bank, and bank told her that all of her money has been utilise as certain fees (bank charges, I guess), so please please please update your account frequently.

(4) Choose the right bank!

This is important! Not because some of the banks are untruthful, and this is just a matter of fraud. Some banks received more fraud case than others, so choose the right one, so you wouldn't regret. 


That's all my advice. By the way, this is just personal opinion, not offences okay?