Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Terrible interview ever..

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend and I will interview TM Company for our management assignment today. Therefore, today I woke up early in the morning, have my daily routine as usual, and packed material for the interview. About 9am, I reached school and waited Shin Yi to fetch me to the destination. While waiting for her, I met Wan Khim who will follow us to interview. At first, I was surprise when I saw her walking toward to me, because she is not the one who in charge for the interview. However, one of my friend who in charge for this interview had fall a sick, hope she will recover soon.

Okay, back to the subject….

While going to the company, our leader was totally weird. She doesn’t even know where the place is and keep worrying. Fortunately, our ‘big’ sister Wan Khim help us out. Thank you! When we reached there, there was nobody and we were shock.


Leader asked the information center for help.
They asked us to go human resource which location at 9th floor.
Give us pass for that.

Normal mode again....

When we went into the human resource office, they look at us strangely and that was weird! So, we asked our leader whether she had made any appointment or not. Her answer was NO. OMG OMG OMG!!! She didn’t plan for it and expect the officer to answer the question. We were going crazy that time. The officer was so angry of us, and keeps asking us whether this kind of question is for their unit or not and our leader still looking at him and say nothing!! “Hey girl, please say something, don’t just look at him” Lydia thinking. At last, we are the one who need to interview the officer not her. Indeed she is the one who promise to interview the officer and now what happened? However, the officer did answer some of the question for it and he had apologized to us for his hot temper. We are so sorry too…

After interviewed the company, sent our leader back and we have our breakfast at Old Village which located at Batu Berendam. Their food was rather ordinary but I like their drink. It is so refreshing, good for me, cause I going to “explode” because of the terrible leader. She is so terrible, horrible and “vegetable” (a line from “I am not stupid”) *laughing*

I had ordered a bowl of Nyonya Laska and a cup of Fresh Lemon for my breakfast. It is kind of ordinary. But I love the drink.... Ah~~~refreshing *bling bling*Carrot milk, Milo Ice and my refreshing Fresh Lemon ice. Love it....

3 of us after finished our interview, without the leader...happy *laughing*
But this time, I am the one who hold the camera..pretty good har...*evil laugh*

Oh yeah!
While we were having our lunch, our leader had sent us a message and apologize to us. *Thumb up*

PS: today was the terrible interview ever...

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