Thursday, September 10, 2009

The IB golden night =)

Okay, I just came back from the International Business golden night. This event was organized by the IB club, I guess and it is rather fun.

We went there about 9.30pm and it is FOC (Free Of Charge), happy! This is simply because the person who in charge in the counter doesn’t notice us. We are so lucky today, I think we need to buy TOTO tomorrow, sure get the prize one!! *evil laugh*

When we went in, there is a red carpet to welcome us, we look like a Model!! Pretty good har. After the red carpet, it is the show!! We missed lots of performances but luckily the runway show still on and we very enjoy looking at the model walking around the stage, they are so pro.
After the runway show, it is the Indonesia performances; this is rather enjoyable because they are so “semangat” and the performance was good. I like it.

Next is the Indian dance, OMG!! This is so boring. I don’t like it!!

After the Indian, here come a Malay performance, rather good, no comment about it!!

This is the malay dance~~ rather nice...

Last but not least, the band!!! The band was rather good, but sadly nobody is enjoying and they are leaving the hall after the band had an encore. The band was totally pity man! Nobody listening excluded me!!
The pity band!!!
This is what the most I can edit, rather lousy..sorry!!
This is all the performance they have done, the most attractive performance goes to……
The fashion show!!! I love the fashion show thought some of the model doesn’t walk properly and smile, but overall was good!! Bravo!!! (no photo provided)

We would not miss any chances to capture the photo of us too. Therefore, I had captured a few couple photo with Jennifer and Sheng Yi since it is hard to meet Sheng Yi for a day.

3 of us!! Yahoo!!!
Love this photo so much!!

PS: The "shao bao" and the egg tars that I had bought just now was madly delicious...*thumb up*

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