Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009-09-09 ♥


Today is a special day for everyone in the earth, I guess? It is simply because of 09-09-2009 and I bet that everyone had received a long message from friends, am I right? When I received that message, I was surprise because I just realize that today is 2009-09-09, and the message was sent at 9.09am. Woohoo!! I love that message so much, but sadly I have no credit to sent out, sorry ya!!

Since today is a special day, I decided to have dim sum as my breakfast with friends. However, 2009-09-09 is not the main purpose for us to gather and enjoy our dim sum!! It is simply because we have a DISCOUNT due to the CLS (Chinese Language Society) card, and that was our main purpose. Discount 10% for everybody!!

Yeah!! I love discount…♥

I am a discount lover! I admit it…*laughing* By the way, who don’t like discount, none right??

We enjoyed many delicious dim sum at there, but sadly I never capture the photo of it. *sob sob*
But never mind, I will go there again!! *evil laugh*

Later than, we have our microeconomics tutorial class, this is rather sleepy because I woke up too early for today. I yawned many times in the class, I know it is rather no manner, but what to do? I am so so so so so tired after the early wake up.

After my class, I settled my MUET Exam time and went to the International Business event to have some snack for me…

I bought eggs tar and “shao bao” for my mom, dad and of course ME!!! I haven’t tried it and don’t know the taste yet. Sorry!!

The original look...

Look delicious right?
Going to eat these soon...

After edited look...I edited food again, it is more delicious when you edit it with emotion look, am I right?
I think I had addicted to edit food photo! =P
This time I have improve my skill, am I?

I need to stop here, because I have a night class later on, so need to prepare for it, chow!!!!

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