Saturday, September 19, 2009

Study in Tze Chi =]

Okay, I’ve abandoned my blog for a long time and now I going to refresh it by uploading some photo on it. Today, my friends and I have some revision at Tze Chi’s library which located at Batu Berendam. Before going to the Tze Chi, we went Peranakan café to fill up our stomach and this is to let them “quiet” for about 4 to 5 hours. Rather a good idea right? The Peranakan café is located at Batu Berendam too, and it is a good place to enjoy our breakfast. I highly recommended!! Trust me!!
This looks cute right?? I love the Nasi Lemak after edited...the egg looks like their cap right? (miss Jennifer had told me that...)
Miss Shi Ting and me ordered a plate Nasi Lemak Kukus.
Miss Jennifer ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng.
Mr.How Keong ordered a bowl of Laska. It looks madly delicious...Next time I will order it!! Laske, wait for me to eat "you". *evil laugh*
My "Teh Xi Peng", I love it at first, but as continue to drink it, I started to regret. Feel like wanted to vomit after drink it. It is simply because I am too full after eating a plate of Nasi Lemak.

Bear: Coffee, Tea Or ME???
Choose whatever you like....*laughing*
Three sampated peoples are competing on their photography skill using HP camera…(including ME) *laughing* We are trying to compete our skill by capturing a bowl of Laska which ordered by HK. Rather funny...We are very "sampated" right? *laughing* Who cares!!!

After filling up our stomach, we headed to my old house where I’ve been stay for about 10 years; I really miss there a lot. This is simply because there have many memorable memories for me and my parents too. Later than, we finally had reached The Tze Chi’s library and it is our first plan after all. We’ve been late for 1 hour, and started study plan as soon as we reach there. The place was totally silence, no sound, no voice and also walking sound. Everyone was like tip-toeing in that library, rather nervous. However, the workers was totally blemished the day, they are so annoying, keep walking and talking around!! *speechless*
There is a rule for the library which is readers are need to order some drink before you start your study….
Okay, since we are the rule taker, so we just follow it…

I’ve ordered a cup of Hot Chocó, this is dam bloody delicious…love it so much!!
Miss Jennifer had ordered a cup of Cappuccino, it is so beautiful!! We keep taking photo of it…Funny right?
Miss Shi Ting ordered a cup black coffee and it cost RM5 for it, it is damn costly!!
Mr. How Keong had ordered a pot of Chinese tea (I’ve forgotten the name, sorry! Something related to lavender) the pot was nice, but the taste….i have no idea on it. I should ask How Keong about the taste. *laughing*

This is the drink we've ordered..looks nice after edited right??
Improving my skill for editing...

After all this stuff, this is our time to start our bloody note, hate to study after all. However, final is coming soon, therefore we’ve to struggle for it. Study, study and study make the time pass damn fast!! We didn’t even realize about the time, it is super fast I can tell you!!!

I am so boring until captured this kind of stupid photo...
I've gathered the entire highlight pen that we have, looks colourful har...*thumb up*
The study place, the light was totally irritating and make us feel sleepy....=[

About 3pm, we’ve no strength to study anymore; therefore we went to the rest place to have some refreshment. The place was madly beautiful!! I love it so much…how well if I have this kind of garden in my house. *stop dreaming la, wake up Lydia!!*
Since the view was so beautiful, I surely wouldn’t miss any chances to capture with it. It so damn funny!!
Hello, Miss shi ting, what are you doing there?? Sleeping or dreaming??
Wake up!! wake up!!! Don't sleep anymore....*laughing*
Hey, Mr. HK why your face looks so fierce?? Smile please.....*evil laugh*
Miss shi ting is trying to attack me by using her chinese Kung FU, however, I am attacking her by using my "lion roar" *laughing*

Today is my study day with fun stuff....Happry =]

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