Saturday, September 5, 2009

Problem solve =]

Problem solve…
I am so happy now….
A sun had shine on me again….

Something happened to me just now, it is pretty serious.
I am so worry…
I am so moody…
I need help, but sadly there is nobody can help…
All I can do is to cry loudly as possible…
I think twice to apologize, the feeling of being refuse was the worst ever….
I hate it….
Waiting for the replied….
Again…being refuse!!!

Few minutes later, a message had been sent to my phone,
And I open it…..

“I am joke with you, cincau!! I’m okay…nothing….I didn’t get angry”
OMG!! When I saw this line, it is totally a brand new world for me!!!
I am so happy that Miss Miki didn’t angry with me….
She just jokes with me!!! Hurray…
All my problem had been heal by one line!!
Just one line….
I am going to have a sweet dream tonight...

PS: Miss Miki, please do not play this game with me anymore, I am so scare!! =[

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