Monday, February 23, 2009

Discussion at Starbucks

Their LOGO!!!!! i think everyone know right?? lol...

My friends and I went STARBUCKS to discuss that stupid business management presentation today
When I reached there, I straight away online without order anything
After a few second, my friend just reminded me to order some drink ….
Oh gosh!! I forgot to order my drink!!! Oh….. So embarrassing!!!
I went to the counter and ordered a cup of ice mocha with cream (some thing like that)
Oh man!!
It can be described in one word -DISGUSTING
Erm, maybe I am not a coffee lover,
So as I drank that drink I kind of like vomiting + headache
It really kills me!!!

Ice MOcHa WiTh CrEaM.......
MoChA and GrEeN TeA!!!

While drinking that stupid ice mocha, we started our discussion…..
We discuss a lot, rest a lot and talk a lot too….
Time flies….
It comes to the end of discussion
We packed our stuff before we left
Shopping at Mahkota Parade…

This is how sis asked me to recognize that hair spray...funny picture....

By the way,
My sis had asked me to buy a type of hair spray, it names is “OXY”
It can straighten your hair if you spray it…
Quite effective, my sis’s friend had introduce to us….
But I fail to find it
Sis, are u sure is OXY or OSSIS???
Haiz…in the end I didn’t anything beside a cup of mocha and chicken rice….*swt*

On the way going home.................

It's gonna rain!!!!!!

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