Saturday, February 21, 2009


I had some tea with friends at MMU Corner just now
We talk a lot, teasing around and also gossip….
Hehe…gossipy right?
We are girl what!!! Lol…

I had nothing to write today...

Oh yeah!!
My friend had asked me to view a scary blog today
So I do so…
After I had read that blog...
I really feel that the blogger might have some mental problems
She curse anyone that she dislikes,
She wrote bad things about others,
She even reproaches people who scolded her….
Oh my god!!
Is this funny??
I don’t really get what she wants??
And she also said that her hobby is cursing people
What a scary hobby she has…

I’m scare to meet her at school
If she notice me
I might be the next one to post in her blog
Lydia's thinking: oh! She will capture my photo, write bad thing about me, and CURSE me!!!

I’m serious, don’t let her notice me at school….

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