Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Leisure in my warm room with the sleeping beauty

Let’s me spent some time to blog while waiting for Viki to wake up.  Yes! Today is a holiday for me, so I went swimming with Viki (after her class), and both of us was exhausted and happy that we finally have the chance to spend sometimes without Jennifer HAHAHAHA! We felt really happy without her (I bet she is crying right now! Teehee!)

Well, after swimming, both of us went lunch with her mom, and thank for the treat for the Sushi!!!! Her mom is a nice person where the way she speaks is so damn cute. Just like a child. Madly cute!!

So happy that Viki decided to come my house lunch coz we are planning to join Jennifer after her class. WE ARE GOING TO THE NIGHT MARKET! It takes so long for me to pay a visit to the Night Market! HAPPY!

Anyway, these are some of the photo for to show Jennifer how happy we are! Teehee!!!!!!!

We both at the room right now, but sadly she is sleeping silently..

This is the only thing I can do while she was sleeping. Or not? I'm blogging right now!

We were watching the Wong Fu Weekend for ted proposal just now!! Half way to go..

Camwhore before she went to sleep! Jennifer, we are waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a short update to show that I'm too boring in this room. I'm going to join Viki real soon.

PS: Waiting for the Night Market!!!!!!!!!


  1. My girlfriend is reading mockingjay right now as well. We went to watch the hunger games movie a few months ago and she's been in love with the series ever since. She even wanted the dvd version for Christmas.

    1. yup! I really addicted to this series, however, i didn't watch the movie.. will start to watch it after this! Did she finish reading the book? I'm half way reading right now.

    2. she's not finished with it yet I don't think. She's bad at slipping spoilers so I don't try to bring up the subject. I rarely have time to read, so I just wait for the movies.

    3. Yes! most people love to watch movie than reading book here. Many of my friends tend to watch movie than reading books. :)