Saturday, November 24, 2012

Senior Vs Junior

I was in the replacement class yesterday with those juniors, and one thing I hate about juniors is that they talk loudly in the class as if lecturer is not there yet.

Replacement class was at 8pm, and when I reached there, space are limited T__T 

While I was waiting Shin to attend the class, I was talking to my other friends (no wrong right? I was talking while lecturer is on her way to the class). And Shin came after lecturer, I think she missed her way to class yesterday (just kidding).

Lecture started around 8pm, and the juniors wouldn't stop talking if the lecturer didn't ask so. They would talk among themselves like nobody!!!!!!!!!

Shin was really angry, and she is making some sort like hater face to me (I'm the victim), she didn't even bother to talk to me in break time. Those juniors are just bee-ing everyday, and they seriously need some lecturer to shout at them. 

We are distracted by them!!!!!!

And they don't even care about our feeling, and they like to sit at the front row! FRONT ROW, my dear! If you are "planning" to talk among yourselves, please do not sit in front and distract us!!!! We need to concentrate ok? I'm stupid enough, so I need to CONCENTRATE!!!!!!! Stop talking there and LISTEN!

Shin was so fed up after class, and she walks toward the door, and get out from this noisy class room immediately. She seldom get angry on anything, so once she is angry, you know what is happening to her. A BIG MISTAKE TO LET HER ANGRY!!!

Shin told me that the class is so noisy until she can't listen to what lecturer is talking about, indeed!
Shin: They really talk a lot, and I can't listen to the lecturer, THEY JUST LIKE A BEE!!!! Bee-ing all the time. Inconsiderate!

Me: agreed! *noding my head*

They even complaint to their friend that someone "shh-ing" them. I mean seriously they need to think of others instead of complaining. 

I really fed up with their attitude. 

But what can I do? I doubted on their relationship with the lecturer, some of the lecturer complaint to us that this batch of junior are the noisiest ever, and they really miss the time with us. 

I'm proud of it 

Seriously!! One of my friend told me that previous lecturer actually miss our class, and she is willing to teach us rather than those juniors. HAHAHA! I'm so proud of myself and our class, because the lecturer usually complaint that we are noisy in the sense that we talk very loud in break time, but we will quiet after lecturer said Ok! Let's continued with the class..

For junior, they wouldn't bother if you are teaching or in a break, their life is talking among themselves UNTIL class END! Even though  lecturer has mentioned it million or zillion times, they will never listen until lecturer need to write something for attention! Yes! Lecturer need our attention by writing on the paper. 

No manners toward lecturer

They will argued a lot with the lecturer (I sincerely pity this lecturer) until lecturer are fed up with the replacement class. She simply set a time, and done!! That's  how I experienced from them. 

Last year when all of us went to practical training, some of our friends actually told us that our favourite lecturer went out straightway after one of the junior laugh loudly like nobody. The lecturer (ok, let's named him as Mr R) is our favourite, and I love the way he taught us in the class, giving example, taught us the right way toward solution...

He never angry yet happily taught us for 2 subjects (except for those who never do his tutorial question, but mostly done), but I was surprised that he went out after one guy laugh loudly in the tutorial class. From what I heard is that most of the student will not attend his class, and some of them will ask their friend to sign for them ( I done this before, but not often) when they are not attending. They will not often attend his class due to dullness of the Mr. R. For example, the amount of people attend will around 80 students (the most! i guess), and the people who signing the attendance will 260 students! How on earth those people appeared in no where? Thus, this make Mr. R angry on them for the whole semester!!!

I mean if you want to sign on behalf of someone else, ANALYSE THE SITUATION!!!! Don't sign if there is less people attending. (I'm not teaching how to fraud on this, but this is a way not to let Mr. R angry on them, and have a nice semester instead of whole shit semester with him)

We will fraud sometimes (not often as I mentioned), but the problem is we wouldn't be caught by him because most of the students attended his class, and concentrate instead of talking among themselves. That's how we can communicate with Mr. R so happily.

However, one thing good of them is that they will answer lecturer question

Answering lecturer question loudly

The juniors will actually answer what lecturer ask them instead of nodding head. Whenever lecturer is asking a question, they will immediately response instead of us nodding head as if lecturer saw it.

We don't often answering lecturer's question, but we nod or shake our head for the response. And most of time, there will be a few representatives in our class for answering question, one of them was my friend. :)

For some reason, I don't answer lecturer question in public, but personally yes. Because there is no point answering lecturer's question when hundred of students are concentrating in the class (which is not a good idea of not giving response). Sometimes, I felt lecturer need our response, so I would NOD MY HEAD thoroughly to response to him/her. HAHAHA!

Junior will answer him/her loudly, so that lecturer will know what is happening up there. (which is a good idea) They are good in giving response. *thumb up for them*

Lastly, I really hope class will silent from next week onward (which is impossible because Jennifer said Juniors are always noisy for every class T___T)

PS: Alright! Should stop here, and continued next time.


  1. I rarely had classes in my high school where senoirs and juniors had the same class. But it's obvious to see the level of difference one year makes.

    1. Emm.. Actually I'm in the university right now, so there is some sort like mix class among the senior and junior (for some subject). And yes, there is totally a big differences between us.