Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am going Broga hill on Sunday!

It's Friday today, my friends and I have decided to conquer the Broga Hill on this coming Sunday. I was quite excited though it might rain that day.

I was told that I wouldn't be able to see the sun rise, if it is raining. Just pray that it wouldn't be rain that day.

I have done packing for tomorrow hiking, I am so excited!  Alright, updating using smartphone ain't a good idea, but i still to blog it before i embark. *evil.laugh*

The only item i need is rain coat!

Bagmiack i'd prepared, looks professional right? It contains food and drink (very important), torchlight (there will very dark), camera (is a must for.blogging), clothes for extra changing, jacket for cold weather and rain coat (i need to buy this later).

so that's all for update.

ps: gonna sleep viki's house tonight? 2.30am embark to broga hill. More update later!

Just came back from Broga Hill today, it was freaking fun! I'm challenging my own ability, and I succeed!!!!!! 400 m height, and I succeed! I'm so freaking happy, and thank to those brothers who help me out when I'm having difficulty! 

More update tomorrow!

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