Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chilling at Wong Kok and Geographer, before and after Skyfall

This suppose to be on last week but due to sister'd came back from KL, we proposed to Friday. There is  three different types of plan that day, changes going on until we ended up following the very first plan (perhaps it is the second plan) 

We are supposing to join Vivian and Wang for dinner after Skyfall ,but our hunger had stopped the us to wait. Thus, ended up in Wong Kok restaurant having our very delightful dinner. The very first thing enter to this restaurant is to request for their internet connection, but their supervisor was like not-so-willing to give all of us the password, and she don't even want Viki to know the password. So weird!! Anyway not my problem, coz I don't use internet connection at all that night! Teehee.

Four of us ordered the same set meal, chicken tomatoes spaghetti dinner set 
It contains hot or cold tea (I ordered hot one, coz it is weird to drink in cold HAHAHA!). Jennifer named this as "si nai cha" 丝奶茶 HAHAHA! She is so freaking funny!

Viki's thick peanuts butter with condensed milk bread. This is my favourite, but ever since I've allergic on yeast, this is no longer my food anymore. T__T

Creamy corn soup, which nicer than Jennifer's tomatoes soup (no caption for that, coz it is not as yum as this, no competition! =P)

Chicken tomatoes spaghetti. It looks so dull, but it tastes quite good. Not Jennifer's preference, she is too strict for this. Teehee.

Four of us in normal style. Jennifer suggested that we shouldn't take it too seriously. Playing around with this apps should be right way foe us. Well, will try it next time, remind us please?

We went for Skyfall after that.

Skyfall was non other than predictable. It was as nice as what I expected, and the only moment I remembered was 007 (double o 7) is running here and there with his hands up! HAHAHA!

Headed to Geographer to meet up with Vivian and Wang. It was drizzling that night.
Three of us in jacket except Jennifer (the only one who forget to bring her jacket to Cinema!)

Pretty shot by Jennifer. I love the environment in Geographer, and honestly, this is the first time enter to Geographer!!!! I never been there before coz mostly it is packed with ang mo. *evil laugh* Dare not to step in for alcohol. 

View from top of Geographer. Nice right? Everyone is so busy shopping and we are stalking on them.
The JLS was looking for handsome guy down there (just kidding), but seriously we are aiming some of them coz they were "hunger no more" committees (by their shirt).

The environment in Geographer. Awesome decoration with historical portrait, chair and table, prizes... and etc. It was really nice to read the article regarding Titanic sinking in the North Altantic Ocean.

A very nice handmade from Tom (I think is Tom the one who gave this) for appreciation.

Another nice Jonker view from top, and spot my favourite Durian Puff stall at the right side? This was the most famous durian puff in Melaka!!

The one-and-only photo of us in Geographer coz Jennifer and Viki keep photoboomed!

And this is another photo of me trying to capture all of them . LFailed!
An artistic caption for me! Shin said this is so nice!!!!!!

Another bottle from the other side!

I'm asking Shin post for me. Not bad right?

The only beer I captured coz my camera is out of battery that time. So sad, and Shin claimed that I always love to bring something out of battery! ==lll

Another shot of them in the nice place. They are stalking some handsome guy or ang mo?? I'm wondering...

Camwhore with Jennifer , and again this is the only camwhore shot of us!!!!!!!!!
This photo is sooooo precious, so I shouldn't lost it for next time! Teehee.

Well, end here coz I need to continue doing my tutorial! Why life so busy until Sunday also need to do tutorial and assignment????

PS: But it is better than working, seriously.