Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm safe in HOME


My car broke down in school just now!!!!!

I went to school for some event recruitment interview around 7pm, and I was rushing to the class and yet to off my car light. After all the recruitment process, discussion…. And I went back to my car with Jennifer.

We were happily chit-chatting and move ourselves to the car, and I was bye-ing with her while she was in her car. She drove off after that, and I was relaxing toward my car.

I open my car door; close it immediately, and then I started my car!



I tried and tried for a few times, but still


I immediately contacted my mom for help, and she was panic and try to call for help from my bro which is in the middle of fetching his friend home.
Then, without any hesitate, I tried my luck to call back Jennifer, so that she will come and rescue me immediately, and my luck wasn't that bad, she was in her way back to school again!!! Thank God! But the problem is she doesn’t have that equipment to charge back my car battery!! What now!??
I was panic and keep on calling my mom for nothing….

All in a sudden, someone just popped in my mind to rescue me, guess who is it?

YES!! My rescuer WANG!!

The moment I called him I was like WANG! HELP ME!! HELP ME!! I didn’t even able to describe what is happening in that situation. I was panic, sweating and almost cry!!

Jennifer grabbed my phone, and explained the whole situation to him. As Jennifer off the phone, I started to annoy her again and again. I felt so sorry after annoyed her for so long, and she is so kind to console me again and again without making any grumpy move. Thank a lot. You are my rescuer always!

Few minutes later, another rescuer arrived! I was like THANK GOD! WANG IS ARRIVED! He took out the equipment for battery charging, and plug the positive and negative thingy (I don’t really understand how it works actually, and I don’t even know how to open the front bonnet of the car, seriously!!! I’m totally a loser for car equipment; I know I should learn from now on. Well, never mind to know it!), and he went to my car and started the engine, and it works!

How awesome is that, but the moment he said the car will off again when I MATI ENGINE while I was driving. I got frighten again! T__________T

However, I still managed to drive back home without any problem.

Finally, I’m safe in HOME right now!!

Super big thanks to both of my rescuer Jennifer and Wang who help me whenever I’m in trouble today. True friend will never leave you whenever you are in a trouble, and I’ll never forget what they had helped me today. I really appreciate!!

Lesson learned for today: Off car light before come out from car, and learn to open the car’s front bonnet without any others help, and last but not least explain anything in detail CLEARLY without any misleading fact.

PS: sorry to my bro’s friend for some misleading situation.
Don’t happen again the next time!!!


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