Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food adventure- Famous Klang Mee Hon Kueh

Mee Hon Kueh is basically a Hokkien delicacy which means Rice flour (Mee Hon) handmade noodle and the kueh mean cake (because it looks like a thin layer of cake). Mee hon Kuih is one of my favourite hokkien delicacy, and my mom love to cook it as our lunch.
Fatty Mee Hon Kuih house is very famous in Berkerly garden, Klang, and it has been featured in “ho chiak” TV show as well. However, before it has been featured in Ho Chiak, my mom has told me before, and planned for years to bring us there yet plan always failed.
Years of waiting, i finally got to taste it myself, and sis is the one who brought me there. Hurray!
Their famous Mee Hon Kueh RM4.70 (I added more pork liver and egg)
RM 3.20 (small)
RM 3.50 (large)
RM 3.80 (extra large)
There is some extra charge on their menu (if you are interested, scroll back and see it )

I personally think that there is no different between the large and extra large, and the small is more than enough for lady. =)

I love crispy fried Ikan Bilis, and this has been fried perfectly! I personally think that their Mee Hon Kueh is those I like the most, it is thin and chewy at the same time. It is in a perfect thickness for me!

I heart Fatty Mee Hon Kueh House!!!!!

19, Lebuh Bangau,
Taman Berkeley,
41150, Klang

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