Friday, November 18, 2011

Food adventure - Alai Ikan Bakar

Hey people!

Many weeks ago, my bro suddenly has the intention to treat Ikan bakar as our dinner, and we’d drove all the way to Alai for that meal. And I always remembered when I was young, my uncle used to drive us all the way from Melaka town to Alai for the delicious ikan bakar, and it is usually our supper when he came back from Puchong. In the older days, the place was quite dark and dirty, and the mud was really freaking me out.

But now, the environment has changed. We got shocked (I felt nothing because I went there with my friend before, and not knowing this is the place where I came often in my younger days) when we arrived, because it’s usually muddy all over the place, and now they had built up the building, and redecorate it with concrete. Good job done for several years.
The stall was packed with hundred of people the other day, and some of the waitress was quite confuse on the orders.
Well, nasi lemak is a must when come to Ikan Bakar stall. I think it is a tradition, because everyone will order a basket of nasi lemak first, then only for the rest!

Then, Otak-otak is the second must come to Alai Ikan Bakar, because their otak-otak is the best among others stall.

Don't believe?

See this! it is yellow in colour! According to my aunty, the yellow otak-otak is the real otak without colouring, beware of those with red meat, because they contain FOOD COLOURING which will harm our body!

The ikan bakar, the fish is so fresh and tender, and there is a techniques to eat this ikan bakar which taught by my aunty. In order not to eat the charcoal part (which means the baked part with the black skin), do not turn the fish, you may just get the flesh by pulling out the bone and get the flesh.  REMEMBER: DO NOT TURN THE FISH, so you wouldn’t get to eat the charcoal part.

And you may dip your fish with this sauce! The sauce kinda like sour and spicy at the same time, it is really a BOOM!

Sotong goring (Fried squid) RM 7.00
This fried squid is the cheapest among those ikan bakar stall I tasted before. It is so crispy and tender inside, and the amount of squid is huge! Best deal ever. And this is a MUST for our family because sis's bf love it the most! =___=lll

 Ikan goreng bodoh-bodoh, in other words when you'd eaten this fried fish, you'll be as stupid as the fish (Nah! Ya right!? there is a story behind)

When I went to this stall with my aunty, she ordered the ikan goreng bodoh-bodoh, and I was like Huh? Ikan goreng bodoh-bodoh? What's that? then the boss who was taking the order looked and warned me not to take it, because if I eat it, I'll be as stupid as the fish. *laughing non-stop with the boss*

The boss is super friendly, I must say!

 Sweet sauce Bamboo clam

We'd ordered the kunyit bamboo clam, and this is what they sent to us *sweat*, but then it is okay for our family since the boss is so friendly to us.

Basically the taste was quite ordinary, no big WOW from me. Sorry!

Kunyit Scallop RM 32.00

Alright! This is the wrong order again, they have confused on the orders. We ordered scallop with sweet sauce and end up they gave us kunyit flavor, and the taste was terrible. I like kunyit, but this is way too much! Sorry to say that this is a failure!

Overall, the foods were very fresh, but the scallop was the failure. However, I still thumb up to their foods and services compared to others ikan bakar stall.


Environment : ♥♥♥
Service : ♥♥♥♥
Food : ♥♥♥
Price : ♥♥♥♥
Seri Muara Alai Hj Nasir Ikan Bakar
KM8, 75460,
Alai, Melaka.

Last but not least!

 Camwhore is a must!

I didn't post much of my camwhore photo, so this should be okay! MUAHAHA...

PS: I'm hungry after looking back all the FOOD we'd ordered!
With my sis while waiting for the FOOD!

YES! My food researcher!
Note: My sis is coming back tonight, yes! Most food to go....*evil laugh*

PS: Midterm exam is coming soon, and I'm still in a holiday mood! What happened to me? =(

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