Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!!


I bet most of you had dressed up and gone to the Halloween party yesterday, and yes, myself has no intention on celebrating this festival as everyone around me has not interest on this! Too bad....

Oh yeah, I saw a bunch of people dressing awfully or I should said scarily in Dataran pahlawan, and
I was frighten by one of the zombie that walked by. I was like hiding behind my sis and looking at him steadily so that he wouldn't attack me (how childish I am). All of the sudden I saw a little cameraman holding a camera, then that make me relief.
Why can't they dress up like Harry Potter or like....
the one dress by my little cousin?? Instead of scary, why not try something cute right?? MUAHAHA...

My little cousin was so cutely dress up this mask and hold on a evil stick to scare anyone around him in Tesco. And the things his brother was not scare at all!

Jun Jie: Hey! Monster is coming to you! MUAHAHA...
His brother: *busy with his Ben 10 book which placed at the book rack*
Jun Jie: Hey! look at me...
His brother: NOT SCARE ONE!!
Me and My cousin (yi yi) : *looking at each other and laugh out loud in Tesco*

And he also tried to scare his dad while his dad is walking toward him. How cute is that!!



TREAT OR TRICK! MUAHAHA... *evil laugh*

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