Friday, November 11, 2011


You know what?


My life is packed with tons of works to do, and this is one of the reasons I’m not able to blog properly like I always do in previous years. I realized that my blog is getting bored, and I always find something to blog, ended up closing off the site and back to my bed.

Let me be grumpy for a moment.
Five things that make my mood go down down down this week

1 I’ve been busy for a week with tons of classes to attend (all thank to the public holiday we’d enjoyed for the past few weeks), club meeting (causes my pity red “deer” fall sick after 4 hours of light burning) and gathering (oklah, this is exception). Those have cause me not to go home early every day *grumpy*, and I felt that I don’t even have time to breath! I need some fresh air!!!!!!

2 As you know my red “deer” has fall a sick on last Wednesday, my nightmare ever! Due to tiredness, I end up hurting my red “deer” , and again thank for the help from Wang and Jennifer.

3 I DON’T GET ANY INTERNSHIP OFFER! Oh damn!! I’m super stress here, because for the time being, almost everyone getting their internship offer, and I’m the only one who left out! The main reason I felt sad is that WHY YOU GUYS GIVE ME SO MUCH STRESS!?????????????? WHY KEEP REPEATING THE INTERNSHIP THINGS??? WHY ASKING ME?? WHY???? I know you guys are caring and sweet, but to be frank whenever I heard about INTERNSHIP, I felt sad, and I wanted to cry out yet I’m not able to cry out!!! You know how suffer is that?? I tried not to listen everything about it, but I just can’t, get what I mean? DO NOT ASK ME AGAIN!!!

4 Oh right! I’m super stubborn not to listen any advice, and end up waiting alone. YES! That is KARMA! Laugh everyone!! LAUGH AT ME!

5 Assignment is going to be due! *shouting in the room with four walls* WHY time flies so fast??? WHY?

Alright, done with 5 things that I felt down, now do you ever feel that you wanna cry, but you can’t cry? I felt so in my previous days….

Stop to be emotional, and back to my normal life…. Five things that make me look forward!

1 Gathering with tomodachi on Sunday night. I’m always looking forward for tomo gathering, and yes, Ting is here again.

2 Wedding dinner on Saturday! HURRAY!! I’ve not attending any wedding dinner since my uncle wedding.

3 Internship offer (pray for me) T___________T

4 Done all my assignment and off to Chinese New Year

5 Penang Trip with THEM on February!!!! The happiest thing ever!!!!!

I felt better after writing out my feeling, is great to have a blog and express out loud!!
I’m DONE!! Pray for me to get an internship offer, and I really appreciate.

PS: Kenneth has consoled me that I’ll get the offer, and I told him that it is impossible for me to get any offer since I’m so late right now, but anyway thank for the console. Congratz to him, because he get the offer, and I’m a failure!! 

PSS: Not to forget the always helper of mine, Yong and Siang Ming! Orz

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