Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy life never end

I’ll be freaking busy for the coming week and the week after, and this is the reason why I did not update my blog for a couple of weeks. Sorry peeps!

Well, I’ve done lots of gathering last month and yet to blog about it *no time to blog even I’m free =(* Therefore, I should blog it in the bright new day with 2 persons (my sis and her bf) sleeping on the bed soundly, MUAHAHA.. (I’m in a dark to blog this, so should be appreciated =P)

Now is around 10am, but my sis still sleeping soundly OMG!!! I should wake her up after I finish blog this.

Ok! Back to the main topic!

The very first gathering of the month is the long-time-no-see PM1516 gathering, but ended up…celebrating one of our friend birthday. Anyway, I really miss the days when we smile, laugh and work hard together, it’s fun!!

Miss PM1516 and we’ll meet real soon. (you’ll know it later)

2nd gathering will be ting’s gathering, and yes she came back for midterm break. We went for dinner and tea milk (located at Dahtaran Pahlawan) together, and gossip time will never end as I always said so. She will be back again on Chinese New Year, too bad... We'll never meet until CNY!

3rd gathering will be FAMILY GATHERING which I always looking forward to it, coz I always love the two naughty boys in the house!
 The cheese lover- Jun Jie
 and the "baker's helper"- Jun Sheng *he is cute isn't?*
He been so busy "helping" my aunt baking cake for us, yes I mean "helping"

Aunt baked a fake pizza as our lunch of the day
 and I decorated with some coriander for the purpose of snapping a good photo ==lll (it did not match properly with coriander herb!) I love coriander, but it is not a good combination!

And the creative Jun Jie and Jun Sheng decorated it with snack! It is cruchy outside and soft inside, weird combination too!
The day when Ting returned back to Melaka again (she went to KL after our gathering above)
 I went to a relative wedding dinner with my family, and I love the way they present the flower, but the food was suck! It is the worst wedding dinner food I had eaten in my entire life. Oh yea! Not to forget, I drank half cup of red wine the other day, and my face turn red after that (it's so embarrassing)

They use the real rose petals to decorate the entire place, madly nice!
It would the best if they use pink roses!! MUAHAHAHA....

I rushed to meet them after the wedding dinner, and I've lots of fun with them. *no photo coz we were too busy talking with each other, and I forget to snap the photo of our souvenir from Viki, Too Bad*

PS:Yes! I finally done with one post, and my sis still sleeping soundly in the bed ==llll

PS: I'm looking forward to my birthday =)

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