Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food adventure- Tea Milk in the town!

Its food adventure again

Has not been updating about food these days, because I’m having exam, and no outing for the rest of the weeks, so conclusion, I didn’t even have time to hang out and have a proper lunch or dinner with them T_____________T all thank to the busy life of mine!

Alright! This is a place where we had discovered in Facebook when others are sharing about it. As a food lover, we wouldn’t miss any chance of tasting. Thus, a big search for it!!!!

 Tea milk is a newly open milk tea shop at Dataran Pahlawan which located right besides Over Time. We went there when Ting had come back to Melaka last month (yes! Last month! I’m freaking busy, so have no time to update, sorry!)

 As you can see, this shop is super new in Dataran Pahlawan, and the place was quite well decorated. High technology!!! Because they use a machine to shake the milk instead of using hand!!!! How cool is that!!! (the photo of the machine was quite blurry, so I don't want to embarass myself)

 Way to have a Natural, Tasty and Refreshing milk tea! You can choose the sugar level as well as the topping! How great is that!?

The menu.
They have many varieties of flavor as well as topping, and note that additional topping is charge!!!

A few minutes later....
 Yes! We got our drink, and I felt so sorry to the new worker there, because I accidently ruined his day. He was new there, and I made him felt even nervous when prepare the drink!'s my bad!!

And Jennifer, Ting and Viki said that I've ruined his job....

Well, what we had ordered???

Ting's Blueberry milk tea RM 4.80 (R) RM5.80 (L)
It super duper sweet for everyone of us. I didn't like the taste of this drink because its taste super sweet, it was as if I'm drinking sugar water!

Say NO! NO! to this flavor..

Jennifer's Royal  milk tea RM4.80 (R) RM5.80 (L)
Well, it has a nice name, but basically it is just normal chocolate milk tea with pearl!

Not big WOW again! Sorry for that!!
Viki and my Special Bubble + caramel pudding milk tea
RM 6.80 (R) RM 7.80 (L)

This is the best among ours order, it taste special with the caramel pudding. I love it so much!!!

Overall, all the drinks are too sweet for us aspecially the Blueberry milk tea!!
 Me with my special bubble caramel pudding milk tea happily!

Ting is happy too!

 Jennifer was not so satisfied with her Royal Milk Tea as it is way too normal!

Viki ordered the same drink with me that day, we both love pudding ^^v

We got so excited to try on this stall as we have discussed it many days in Facebook, and we finally got to drink it!! HAPPY WITH BIG SMILE ON OUR FACE!

Dataran Pahlawan
Besides OverTime
(Sorry, I can't find their address)

Environment :
Food            :
Price            :
Service         :

PS: I’m looking forward to next week from now on! Have not been so excited for a long long time….
PSS: Imma have not prepare anything yet, and I'm having exam on that day T_____________T
PSSS: Hope everyone can attend on that day! *pray*
PSSSS: Hope don't rain that day as well *pray hard*
Alright! Off to presentation preparation! Wish me luck *peace*

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