Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trip to MMU Cyberjaya


Good morning everyone. It's time for the OL got to work!

As you can see is Monday blue again, and I got a terrible Monday today. *sigh* just forget about it.

But anyway, I should spent this morning meaningfully by writing an entry for my visit to MMU Cyberjaya. I been there last year which I'd blogged here, but I didn't manage to visit the entire campus.

Yes, basically it is much larger than Melaka campus, and their facilities is better than us as well. NOT FAIR! Why they got better facilities, better library, larger space and even taller building, and Melaka campus didn't get anything which is better than them.

If you think my description is not enought, watch the video below.

I'm not going to update anything until next week, coz I've two midterm exam this week, and yet to study for it. I'm dead right now!

 Probably half dead!!

Hope you enjoy my video.

Before that, upload some photo.



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