Friday, July 15, 2011

Precious whole week 04-07-2011 ------ 10-07-2011

 Monday 04-07-2011

Monday Blue!!!!
I found something interested when I cut an orange for my lunch.
 A flower "bloom" in the middle of the orange, how cute is that.

Basically, monday blue doesn't affect my mood, but exam does! I was studying for my exam due on 07-07-2011, so I only facing my notes for the whole day long . T__T

Tuesday 5-07-2011

Still studying for my midterm test due on thursday, so nothing much I can do. However, I went to an AGM for CPC, and I'm one of the Exco members. The AGM was quite fun, and I love the club (more than Accounting club) anyway.
PS: There is some photo taken on that day, but the cameraman doesn't upload the photo in Facebook, so no picture for this day.

Wednesday 6-07-2011

I bought a text book that cost RM70, WTH? It used up half of my monthly allowance (ok, now you can count how much I get from my monthly allowance =P), and wrap it as soon as possible.
This is the book that make me feel sad to spent on it.

Thursday 07-07-2011

Thursday was my advance management accounting midterm exam, I done some mistake on that paper that make me moody for few hours, but something brighten my mood which is blueberry and orange custard tart from my brother's student family.
 Her mom gave these tart for us is because that day was her daughter birthday, and she made this just to celebrate her birthday. Yummilicious~

It looks like jam cheese tart, but nope, it is custard! I love indeed, hope mom will make some next time.

Friday 08-07-2011

Friday was a shocking day, because my sis came back all in a sudden without giving a notice to me. This happened when I was gossiping chatting with Jennifer via skype. Both of them (with her boy friend) came in without any sound, then gave me a packet of famous amos cookies all of the sudden.
 I got shock, but in the meantime I'm happy because I got to try Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies for the FIRST time! I didn't eat it before, because it is freaking expensive!!!!

 The taste was quite disappointed. It tastes just like a normal homemade chocolate chip cookies, but anyway thank for the treat!

Saturday 09-07-2011

Saturday was a relax for some of them, but not for me, because I got to study another two midterm exam due on next Monday and Wednesday ( 11 and 13 of July). I was freaking busy these days, yet my sis asked me for KTV! T__T

Our dinner was treated by her boyfriend, because he got his first monthly pay on Friday! Oh yes, I was way too full with this amount of FOOD! *satisfied with the food*
 Due to the fullness, I slept at 2.30am =__=

Sunday 10-07-2011

Sunday was a fun day, because I got to meet up with my besties. We decided to went for breakfast at 8am, but most of them got up late included me. I'm sorry.

We went Lao Di Fang Dim Sum at Bukit Beruang.  Everyone was in a sleeping mood, and most of them went to the wrong place due to wrong information given. We went Jusco after this, and gossip for like 3 hours! I always feel not enough of time to gossip chat with them. We need like whole day just for gossip!

My favourite in Lao Ding Fang. I love their Cao Siew Bao so much, because it is so soft!!!!!!!!

My dinner of the day- Durian!
The durian was so yummilicious, and it is yellow in colour! OMG!!! I already starting to miss it.

I was so damn busy for the whole week, and for the next week as well. I'll update soon.


  1. The tart and durian really tempt me!@.@||

  2. ya. the durian and tart is super yummy, but now I'm sore throat coz eat too much durian d...=__=