Sunday, July 3, 2011

July is a hectic month

It's the 3rd day of July!

July is a hectic month for a not so hardworking student like me, and my stressful pimples pop out everyday single day from now on. My schedule was full pack, everything need to be settle before my midterm holiday come which is on holiday month August.

Just look at my note book make me scare. My schedule is so damn full for the rest of the day. OMG! In case you haven't know that, this is just part of it, and it will be add in more items soon. I'm gonna be damn busy this whole month, but then I still able to fix sometimes for myself of coz.

 July July July, why are you coming so fast? Time passed freaking damn fast right now, I’ve 2 month to go final exam, and yet to touch anything at all. I mean midterm is next week, and I didn’t even “touch” my book or note. I’m so lazy.

As I said I still manage to fix my time with movies. I watched 3 movies in two days, great time with my movies, I must say.  I fixed my time with my sis to watch Transformer 3 and Harry Potter and the deathly holly part 1 yesterday, and I watched the Big Mama today alone, all thank to Jennifer who give me the Big Mama movie. It was freaking funny!!! By the way, I'm waiting for Harry potter and the deathly holly part 2 this month.

This month was the hectic yet movie month ever!

Before I end my entry, something I need to show off!

TADA! A home-designed Birthday card for my friend. A card which has been made in a rush, and I'm so lost while doing this card, coz not much colour papers are available in my house, and my friend is a person who love girly stuff. This was a tough one! But anyway, I do and give her on time. *wee*

Ok now end! bye!

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