Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dream of me?


I’d just receive a wall post from one of my friend while I was editing my video. She stated that she has dreamt of me today, should I happy?
Yes! Definitely!!!

Ok, I sound like lesbian or what, but I was happy to let other dreamt off, you know?
Somebody dreamt of me, this means I’m being important to her (I guess) for some reason, or never at all.

This is not the point anyway.

The point is what I’ve told her in the dream. As what she has told in that wall post was hey I dreamt of you last night, and you said “ wah, long time no see” MUAHAHAHA…

What kind of dream she has, freaking funny.
Well, this is not the only thing I happy with today, I was happy today because my relative came back to my house, and we have some sort like “baking class” at my aunty place. The baking process was quite success, but the only bad thing is I didn’t manage to snap any photo for that because I didn’t bring my camera along, and my hand phone has no battery from yesterday until now.

The process was quite enjoyable and fun. I’ve given my cousin an assignment to learn and bake the cake for us when she comes back again the next time. Sound good right?

Anyway, I’ve done another video! So, let’s enjoy it.

(I got a terrible sore throat, so my voice was weird that day)

Thank you!!!

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