Friday, July 22, 2011

Simply exotic taste

Good afternoon everyone!
It’s Friday, baby! Everyone should relax and cheer for a moment, so to cheer all of you, I would like to introduce you guys a best place for all of you to cheer and have fun!
Note: if you are a gossipy, this is a great place for you and your BBF gossip!

It is The Big Mouth Café, simply exotic taste.

 It is located at Melaka Raya!!!

 We planned to go there at 5pm, but Jennifer is one hour late. Thus, 6pm will be our dinner in BMC. We are the BMW- Big mouth women! MUAHAHAHA...

Ting's chocolate cream milk shake. When the waitress served this, everyone including me was impressed with the cream. *slurp*

My seafood Aglio olio.  Price: RM 12.90

Thank God I still remember the name, but the spelling wasn't quite right actually. To be able to write the name out, I keep repearting the name many times while we were doing a video.

PS: You may watch the video after this.

 I was doing some stupid stuff while Jennifer was shooting.
By the way, this is her all-time-favourite ice-lemon tea.

 Jennifer's deep fried filling chicken with ham and vege.

This is not the exact name, don't blame me please, blame Jennifer for not remember the name, because I'm not the "owner" of this dish.

Ting's Grilled chicken cheeseeeeeyyyyy

There is some inner fun joke behind it. You may watch it in the video as well (if you got what we mean).

I can be a food host for Ho Chiak already. 

Come and hire me as a Ho Chiak host for the next season. MUAHAHAHAHA.....

After our dinner, it's time for us to do our "daily routine". G.O.S.S.I.P
We are damn serious on this "daily routine" so that our area will wider and broader after this.

We treated it very seriously, and we will have conversation seriously like this pic above. MUAHAHA..

Tip to gossip: Receive everything and digest it properly (which I don't often do)

We were doing something childish yet super fun "house renovation" game after we'd stopped gossiping for awhile.

And this is what the waitress had done, a bigger house for us! She inspired us the idea of doing a video for our dream house. One thing I love about this cafe is that their service was great! The waitress treated us well in that cafe, play game, fun joke and even take photo for us.

I'll definitely go there again!
 Group photo take by the waitress.

Around 9pm, the cake finally arrived at the shop (everything is fresh there).
 Chocolate cake. Promo price : RM 4

This is the best among what we order. The chocolate is thick enough (ok, I'm dead, because my sore throat got even worse after that), and there is a thin layer of sugar-like thingy. Sweet!

Blueberry mille crepe. Promo price: RM 4

I prefer Nadeje mille crepe, coz it has thicker flavour than this. 

Butter, bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream.

The combination of hot butte bread pudding and cold vanilla ice-cream was really delicious. I was shocked to eat it at the first time, but after a few spoons of bread pudding, I felt like I'm gonna stop eating this. In economic studies, it is known as diminishing return!

 Camwhore in the shop while nobody know about it. MUAHAHA...

After I posted up in my Facebook, Jennifer started to ask me when I camwhore in that shop. *evil laugh* This is a SECRET!

We have all sort of photo.
 # 1 super normal smiley face =)

# 2 started to be insane!

# 3 yes! We are the happy ghost!!!!!!!

# 4 Ting is trying to show how delicious the chocolate cake is. =P

Kiss icon *chui*

 Cry icon T__T

OMG! This is exactly the icon had shown!

Now I know how they create an icon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Please don't do that to me, I'm not lesbian! *screaming*

The "lovely" couple in the cafe!

And the not so "lovely" couple in the cafe!

We spent almost 5 hours in that cafe, and yet we feel not enough of time to gossip. Time is running so damn fast!!!!

This is our accountant who count every single money for us. We are poor student, so we always pay by ourself, and my calculator is great equipment for us to divide our money! *wee*

We spent almost RM 64 per day. It's worth it actually.

The price basically not so high and the environment there was quiet, so it suitable for a bunch of good friends to go there for high tea or dinner.

Price             : ★★★
Environment : ★★★★
Service         : ★★★★
Food            : ★★★

Tomo should have pillow talk next time, so that more time for us to utilise!

Before you close this page, watch the video below!!!


  1. Yummyyy, the food looks delicious. I love the cakes. Must try this place out.

  2. the food sure looks good :)

  3. Yea, nice and cheap.. you canhave a try if you are in malacca

  4. wuhahaha... at last! i can hear ur voice! anyway, it was funny! :D

  5. Haha.. ya! My voice is funny coz i got a terrible sore throat after eating too much of durian! hiak hiak hiak!