Sunday, July 17, 2011

Precious whole week 11-07-2011 -------- 17-07-2011

This is another busy yet fun week of mine.
Before this, do you notice any changes on my font and its colour? If you do, yes, I changed the font and colour for the purpose of using the Italy word nice, like this!?
I’m so OMGLY love to capture everything happening on me every day, my breakfast, lunch or even dinner. That’s how life goes!
Monday 11-07-2011
Midterm exam for Company Law in the afternoon and before that Jennifer made a call to say that SHE NEEDS HELP, because she has dropped her car key in the longkang (drain) and she needs somebody to help her!!
So I went down (I was at the venue of examination) to the car park, and get a guard to help her out. The guard was so kind to help us, but he left us doing the picking stuff =___=
However, in the end he helps us to pick up, so I can say he is KIND!
Tuesday 12-07-2011

Mommy brought back a pack of Scotch Finger from my aunty in Australia. And the moment she brought back, she kept in the container. =__=
So I got to taste it on day after this.
 Wednesday 13-07-2011
Another midterm held on this day. I was so nervous at that moment, so the only thing I eat before headed to school was corn flake with HL milk. It’s yummy anyway
This paper was suck, I must say! I don’t even understand what the lecturer wants us to write on. *sigh*
 Thursday 14-07-2011

I supposed to watch Harry Potter with Shin on Thursday, but due to my laziness and “car-less”, our plan postpone to next week. *wee*

So, not to waste my time, I cleaned up my room. And surprisingly found many small little things that make my day. If you interested on my precious small little things click here to read it. (but if you have read it, please do read again... )

Friday 15-07-2011
It's friday already! I'm happy with Friday because the day after Friday was Saturday!!

Mamee has accompany me while I was surfing for information. It's been a long time I've eat this Mamee, and the taste still the same! I love it.

Saturday 16-07-2011

Saturday always be my happy day. 
I went out with my sis, and since Sushi King has a great promotion, so three of us went there for our lunch.

 But the food was quite disappointed, because the food was sooo COLD! Especially this tempura sushi, instead of HOT and CRISPY, it taste just like a overnight tempura prawn!

Mad yuck!
 We went KTV, and I got a terrible sore throat after that. T___T

 Dinner was my long-time-no-see KFC family set, and mom got what she always wanted to get, a free recycle bag from KFC!!

Sunday 17-07-2011

Oh mine! Sunday is coming back so soon, I hate it because we need to face monday blue again the next day.

I woke up around 7.45am today, and on my computer as soon as I sneak into my sis room (they were still sleeping). The moment I on my computer, I spot this book!

Yes, this book which I shown long time ago in my blog!!!

I finally read finish all the book I bought last few month. And this was an awesome book, and the lesson taugh was amazing. The lesson taugh was...


I absolutely agreed on what Cecilia Aherm is trying to say. 

Oh well, tomorrow is Monday blue, and I hate it so much! Good night!!!!!!!!!!

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